Why Is Core Strength Important

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Why Is Core Strength Important

Most of us desire to have six-pack abs and a toned body. Fitness experts emphasize that having a solid core is more critical than six-pack abs. Let's understand what is core strength and why is it so important.

What is Core Strength?

The 'core' is the centre of your body, and it includes muscles of your abdomen, back, chest, and hips. Your core is involved in any and every activity that you do.

Core muscles include the following:

●       Rectus abdominis (popular six-pack muscle)

●       External oblique (muscles running along your sides) and internal oblique (these muscles lay underneath the external oblique)

●       Transverse abdominis (muscle surrounding the spine)

●       Erector spinae (muscle supporting your back)

●       Multifidus (back muscle supporting your spine)

Your core muscles are the support system of your body as they are involved in every activity as simple as getting out of the bed, walking, or even staying upright. Having a strong core is super important to maintain an erect posture and perform your daily activities.

Your core strength is directly proportional to the strength (stability) and flexibility your core muscles can provide.

Benefits of Core Strength

The main benefit of a strong core is that it provides balance to your body and prevents falls and potential injuries.

A weak core leads to poor body balance and makes your body more prone to injuries and falls. Back injuries have been primarily associated with a weak core. As age increases, the risk of these injuries increases, so our doctors and fitness experts always focus on strengthening your core to eliminate these injuries' risk.

Improved performance: Core strength helps to improve your performance as you can do everything more efficiently. Physical performance is boosted up by working on your core and building core strength. A study in runners has shown that runners who did core strength training for six weeks could increase their speed in a 5000-meter run.

Prevents injury and pain: Strong core muscles prevent injuries by providing better balance and support to your body, reducing the risk of associated fractures and pain. It becomes even more critical once you touch the age of 30.

Improved Quality of Life (QoL): a healthy and disease-free life determines the overall quality of life. Having core strength typically prevents you from potential injuries and associated suffering, thus enhancing your capability to live a healthy life.

Benefits of Core Exercises

Muscles in your body undergo a natural deterioration process in the mid-30s, and by the time you reach the age of 50, muscles have lost significant strength. Therefore, it becomes crucial to train your body, especially your core muscles, to maintain a stable posture and overall fitness.

Core muscle exercises train your muscles to work in harmony to improve stability and balance while playing or doing your daily chores. Core exercises tone your muscles and improve their capacity to work.

Aerobic exercises and muscle are an essential part of any fitness regime, but core strength is usually neglected while it is the integral component for an overall fitness program.  

How to Build Core Strength

You don't necessarily require a gym membership or some specialized equipment to strengthen your core muscles. Any exercise that coordinates the strengthening of abdominal and back muscles will qualify for a core exercise.

However, there are specific exercises that include abdominal strengthening exercises and exercises for stabilizing your core. 'Bridge' is a classic exercise to build core strength. Crunches are other classical exercises for core strength, and they can be done in various motions.

Other core exercises include Planks and Pilates. You can also use a fitness ball while exercising to develop even greater core strength and balance. There is a whole set of intermediate and advanced exercises and if you perform them under the proper expert guidance, it can help you achieve better posture, better balance and ignite your core in 30 days!

Doing It Right

Doing the core exercises right is equally important. Before jumping on to any exercise program, it is crucial to know your body strength and limitations. Try not to overexert, as you might end up hurting yourself. Start slow, and as you progress, endurance will develop, and you can take your exercises to the next level. Join The Wellness Corner's 30 days abs challenge, epsecially curated by our fitness experts to help you take a step forward towards strong and sturdy core.

Always remember, Abs run deeper than they appear so, next time you see yourself in a mirror, focus on building a strong core rather than fancy abs.

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