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What Makes You Grow Tall?

What Makes You Grow Tall?

How some people undergo a painful surgical process to gain height! These people spend lakhs of rupees to undergo the agonizing process of bone-lengthening. While some of them undergo the procedure to correct limb-related problems, others who have an inferiority complex about their height, do it for cosmetic reasons. And all this discomfort to gain a mere 5 cm on an average!

Let's look at what gives us the height that we attain as adults: 

  1. Heredity - The major factor for height gain is heredity. Genes are obtained not only from parents but also from grandparents. So chances are that a child with short parents might end up taller than expected because of a tall grandparent and vice versa.
  2. Good nutrition - If a child gets adequate nutrition during his/ her growing years; there is every chance that this child will reach his/ her potential height in the coming years. In the absence of good nutrition, the child can be stunted.
  3. Maternal health during pregnancy - The health of a pregnant mother influences the health and growth of the fetus and infant.

Most importantly, we need to remember that height is only a cosmetic feature. Moreover, the word ‘tall’ and ‘short’ are relative terms and depends on how each individual perceives such features. 

Be happy with the height that you have; there are plenty of other aspects of our lives that are much more important!

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