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What's Making You Sleepy During The Day?

What's Making You Sleepy During The Day?

Do you find yourself nodding off in the middle of the day? Is the morning bus ride or a boring meeting making you sleepy? You may be sleep deprived or not getting quality sleep at night. 

Lack of sleep has been associated with many health risks like high blood pressure, abdominal obesity, heart disease, increase in weight, etc. 

Sleep problems can stem from jet lag, long working hours, changing work shifts, illness or stress. Learn to tackle the cause and your sleep behavior will improve. 

Try simple remedies for better sleep, to begin with. Warm milk or a bedtime snack a few minutes before you go to bed can help you sleep better. Dark room, quiet surroundings and reading, bring on sleep in some people. A gentle massage can relax you and make you sleep better. A comfortable bed and pillow are a must for good sleep. If these don't work, consult a sleep medicine specialist. 

Use the Sleep Disorder Calculator in this website to find out where you stand.

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