When Normal Delivery is a Smarter Option

  • 99 Months ago
When Normal Delivery is a Smarter Option

If you are thinking about "opting" for a C-section to deliver your baby, think again before you go under the knife!

A recent study in the University of Yale has found that babies born through a normal delivery have higher Intelligent Quotients (IQ) compared to babies born through a C-section. The study reveals the presence of a certain protein (UCP2) to be present in the brain of the baby which is delivered normally. This protein is associated with the development of short and long term memory. Through this mechanism, they influence the IQ of the child. The study also found a comparatively lower level of this protein in babies delivered through a C-section.

Though more research is required in the above study, birthing trends have seen a gradual change from normal deliveries to C-sections over the years. What is surprising is the option being open to pregnant women even if they have no complications at all. All of us have either seen this change in our close families or have heard of it. But is it really safe? Does it carry any risks?

Studies show an increased risk of respiratory complications in children born through a C-section. Many babies born through a C-section do not get the warmth of the mother immediately, as the mother is often on sedation post surgery. These medications and procedures of the mother impact the baby's ability to maintain suckling during breastfeeding which in turn could affect the infant's feeding behavior. There is a whole lot of research being done in this area and it seems that natural delivery is the better of the options when there are no complications involved.

Although a C-section is a relatively invasive procedure, it is becoming more and more prevalent even in the absence of good evidence. A procedure once opted for during an emergency either to remove a dead fetus or to save the mother, has become a trend that most pregnant mothers prefer. This change has brought a lot of scientists to work out the risks and benefits of this procedure.

In the light of this new research, I think you should give this procedure a second thought when you are faced with the option, because you could be losing out on a lot of advantages a normal delivery could bring to you and your little bundle of joy!!
After all, who doesn't want a smarter kid????