Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine: Why Is It Important?

  • 27 months ago
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Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine: Why Is It Important?

After the surge of increasing newly infected cases, the health experts are suggesting to get vaccinated as soon as possible in order to stop the spread. Besides the two approved vaccines COVAXIN and COVISHIELD, the third vaccine SPUTNIK-V is also available in some states to promote the aggressive vaccination procedure. The currently approved vaccines COVAXIN and COVISHIELD are found sound and effective, demonstrating 70%-90% accuracy. It is important to understand that both of the vaccine doses are essential in order to get the most of it.

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Why Get Vaccinated?

The mutant strains of novel coronavirus are one primary cause of the current virus outbreak. Therefore, the impact of infection is more severe and quick than the previous one. This is the reason why the government and health experts are recommending getting vaccinated on a priority basis. The vaccination also minimizes the probability of getting contaminated in the second wave of COVID-19.

Break The Chain of Transmission

Vaccination may develop coronavirus antibodies to help neutralize the disease and break this transmission chain. Therefore, once the significant population will be vaccinated and contain antibodies against the virus, the possibilities of spread will become less.

Why There are Two Doses?

Research during the vaccine trial phase for each vaccine demonstrates that, after a while, the immunity rate to COVID-19 respited with just one dose. However, the second dose assists in improving the immunity higher to offer better protection.

The effectiveness of the vaccine after the first dose is 60% - 70%, however, after taking both doses, your body develops a great immune system and antibodies against the virus. Hence, you're just more protected against a virus with two doses than a single dose.

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Why Is Second Dose Important?

As people are ignoring the fact that getting both doses offer more protection against the novel coronavirus, it has been observed that most of them are avoiding the second dose of vaccine. This will help protect you and your community against COVID-19 as the second dose is a booster that allows your immune system to sustain knowledge or memory of the virus for a long period of time. Therefore, this will minimize the chances of contamination while keeping your immunity up to the mark to fight against this deadly disease.

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In A Nutshell: Get Vaccinated

The most indispensable thing is to get vaccinated. Getting the vaccine will encourage and protect you, your family, friends, and your community in this second wave of COVID-19. If you experience sickness or illness, get yourself checked with doctors (chat/audio/video) with The Wellness Corner app. Stay home, stay safe, and get vaccinated to keep yourself and your loved one safe.

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