It's Time That You Accept You Can't Do Everything!

  • 20 months ago
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It's Time That You Accept You Can't Do Everything!

If you think you can do everything, you're mistaken. It's because the moment you start doing something, you're not doing a lot of things. But you know what, that's completely okay. No one on this planet can do everything.

Calvin Coolidge once said, "We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once." And this quote fits quite well in this article. This quote implies that a person cannot do everything at the same time, but he/she surely can do something at once instead of sitting idle.

In this blog, we'll talk about the tendency of people to feel out of place or experience FOMO. We'll also discuss how perfection is a myth and how you can handle pressure and set healthy goals. So, read in full.

What Is ADD?

ADD stands for attention deficit disorder. In this condition, a person gets tempted by every golden opportunity floating around them. One gets involved in too many projects/ideas/endeavors leading to over-commitment and inability to deliver the promised things.

However, it's not how many opportunities we come across or see; what matters is how our brain reacts to them. And a force that comes into play is FOMO. What's FOMO? Find below.

What Is FOMO?

FOMO stands for fear of missing out. It's the feeling you have when you see people around you accomplishing or doing things you haven't. And when you have this feeling, you try to do multiple things at the same time and end up finishing nothing.

This is why it's said, "Trying to do everything can lead you to do nothing.". So, it's always good to do less but perfectly than doing multiple things simultaneously and failing at them all.

Instead of thinking of FOMO as your enemy, think of it as a power that you need to control. FOMO can both lead you astray and help you discover the genius inside you.

For example, if you're too busy at work and cannot spend time with your kids, use FOMO to remind yourself that your kids won't be kids for long. Once they turn 18, they are gone forever. This way, you can use FOMO positively.

So, try to control FOMO and use it to your advantage. Reduce the things that you're working on to fewer things and give your best. Also, always remember that perfection is a myth. You cannot be perfect in everything around you.

How Can You Manage The Pressure Of Doing Or Completing Everything?

First of all, always know that you cannot complete everything. And that's completely normal. However, you can always complete or do a limited number of things perfectly by following some easy steps such as:

  • Planning and Organizing the Tasks
  • Prioritizing the Work 
  • Quit Multitasking 
  • Take Breaks
  • Take it as a Challenge

Planning And Organizing The Tasks

Having a layout or a simple plan can make a huge difference. So, always try to plan things out. For example, if you have numerous tasks to accomplish, gather what all things you need to complete those tasks.

Once done, organize each task based on the present workload or the time you have for the day. This way, you'll be able to manage and complete all the work even under pressure.

Prioritizing the Work 

There's always something that is on top priority and something that can be delayed. So, determine what tasks are on your top priority list. Finish them off at the start and leave the easy ones or the low-priority ones for the end.

Quit Multitasking 

Always do one thing at a time. Even if you're playing a game, just focus on the game itself. It's because multitasking can reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the tasks.

Take Breaks

Take frequent breaks even when under pressure. This will prevent any mental burnout and will enable you to complete the tasks more productively.

Take It As A Challenge

Instead of worrying and feeling stressed, consider working under pressure a challenge. This will lighten things up, and you'll be able to accomplish the tasks better.

How To Set Healthy Goals? 

Unhealthy goals are the ones that are too hard to achieve. For example, setting a goal of earning one million in a month while you're presently earning $500 a month. Such goals make you feel demotivated and also affect your mental health. Nevertheless, here's how you can set healthy goals:

  • Start small
  • Don't compare
  • Make sure the goals are time-bound
  • Write them down

Start Small

This never means you should think small. The purpose here is to take baby steps. Instead of saying that you'll earn a million dollars next month, start with $1000 a month or fortnight. This way, when you achieve the goal, you'll feel motivated, and then you can go for more.

Don’t Compare 

Remember, your true competition is you. So, never compare yourself with others. Instead, compare yourself with a younger you. This way, you'll find how far you've come.

Make Sure The Goals Are Time-Bound

I’ll earn $100,000. By when? You need to create time-bound goals that create a feeling of urgency. Only then you'll be able to come close or achieve your goal.

Write Them Down

Written goals are more likely to be achieved. When you write your goals, you give them a tangible form which is quite effective in achieving goals.

Wrapping Up

Doing something is way better than attempting to do everything. Also, always know that perfection is a myth. Every person has some imperfections. So, always try to compete with yourself, use FOMO to your advantage, and create healthy goals.

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