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Why you should be walking a lot more

Why you should be walking a lot more

Walking - this low-impact exercise unites the mind and the soul. It requires no equipment and is the most inexpensive form of exercise one can do. Moreover, walking is one exercise that is suitable for all age groups. Here are a few benefits of walking:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps shed off those extra pounds
  • Melts the muffin top and the love handles
  • Fights belly fat
  • Keeps the joints and muscles strong
  • Gives more happiness especially when one has good company

Moreover, early morning walks lets you take in the fresh air leaving you energetic enough to tackle the long day ahead.

Physiological Effects of Walking

  1. Improves metabolic rate.
  2. Reduces acidic reflux.
  3. Improves blood supply to the brain - you are likely to feel more active when you follow a walking routine.
  4. Improves hormonal balance which is why it is highly recommended for diabetics and people with hormonal imbalance.

Walk your way to health, happiness, and a fit life from this very moment. Include walking in your fitness regime. It costs nothing but pays you in priceless ways!

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improves bone density.

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