Do Not Skip Shavasana Ever - Find Out Why!

  • 26 months ago
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Do Not Skip Shavasana Ever - Find Out Why!

If you ask a yogi what the essential part of any yoga session is, more often than not, they would say, Shavasana –or lying in the corpse pose. While it may seem counter intuitive (after all, shouldn't yoga be about the exercises and not so much about the rest), Shavasana is unquestionably an all-powerful yogic asana that enhances the benefits of yoga itself.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about this yogasana, the various Shavasana benefits, and why you should never skip it. Happy reading!

What Is Shavasana?

As the name suggests, Shavasana is lying in the corpse pose. It is a short period of complete rest of the body and mind, usually at the end of a yogasana session. While it is pretty easy to rest your body (in fact, your body will thank you for this rest period after a rigorous session), it is often tricky to calm the mind. For this and other reasons (listed below), Shavasana is THE most beneficial (and challenging) yogic asana.

Common Problems People Face While Holding Shavasana for Long

Who doesn't enjoy a relaxing afternoon doing nothing? However, if someone asks you to relax on demand (like when your boss asks you to before a presentation), it is frankly not that simple.

Similarly, during a yoga session, your body (and mind) are in constant motion, and it's tough to calm them while holding Shavasana. A couple of minutes is fine, but the real challenge is maintaining the asana for long durations.

How to Get Better at Shavasana?

Let's be very clear here. If you are unable to master Shavasana, you are not alone. There is a reason why it is one of the trickiest asanas (even though it's simply lying down) and can take years of practice to master. So, don't give up but don't skip the asana either.

● Please don't focus on how challenging it is. Instead, enjoy the rare chance you are getting to unwind.

● Don't do it if your heart's not in the right place. The trick is to commit to the cause wholeheartedly.

● Start by relaxing your body into a state of complete stillness. It is easier to relax your mind if your body is relaxed.

● Give yourself something to focus on: a sound, a light, a feeling, or even your breath.

Shavasana Benefits That You Shouldn't Ignore

● Shavasana helps to bring the mind and body back to a relaxed state after a rigorous exercise routine. If you do not allow your heart rate to become normal after a high-energy activity, it can lead to severe burn-out. So, Shavasana is the ideal way to wrap up any exercise.

● Shavasana acts as a reward for your mind and body after going through strenuous activities. So, if you give yourself time to relax, you are more likely to make exercising a habit.

● Shavasana elevates the happiness you feel after a workout. So, if you want your happiness hormones to pump through the day, never skip the resting asana.

Summing Up

Not just in yoga, a period of restful meditation is a great way to enhance the impact of any exercise routine. It helps return your mind and body to their normal state and prevents overworking of muscles.

So, next time you want to skip the end of the yoga class, stop and think about all the Shavasana benefits. There are way too many benefits for you to ignore!

Here's hoping you enjoyed the blog and will put it to practice the next time you do yoga. Stay healthy!

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