Winter Season Survival Guide

  • 16 months ago
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Winter Season Survival Guide

After a long period of the festive season, we are preparing ourselves for the next part that is the winter season. The season change brings a lot of changes in our bodies internally as well as externally. Winter is a time in which we find ourselves in our comfort zone and unaware of the effects it has on our overall health, for instance, skin, hair as well as emotions and mood.

We need to keep up our mental fitness to the point where we can adapt to the changes brought forth by the transition from summers to winters. Most of us have come through a festive period and post-festival, we all are going through the post-festival season as well.

Here are some simple steps to overcome the winter blues and take care of our post-festival health concerns.

First of all, take a break from the automatic process of saying yes to any requests put forward by our near and dear ones. The automatic yes often comes from trying to avoid feeling guilty when we say ‘no’. You can handle this feeling as your self – care is your priority.

Put self – care on top of your list. Remember to turn that attention you give to everyone else towards yourself. The task is to ask yourself every day – What do I need today and make sure you meet your need. By doing this, it will act as fulfilment for what you have been doing for others.

Change is a part of our life and as we welcome winters, let prepare ourselves for the better and stronger person as it is rightly said, ‘Change is inevitable, progress is not.

As seasons change, so do we. So let’s embrace winters with a warm sense of happiness.

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