Women and Chocolates! Made For Each Other

  • 103 Months ago
Women and Chocolates! Made For Each Other

Did you know that 99% of women love chocolate, as it makes them feel loved and special!
The secret of chocolate's particular appeal lies in its texture, aroma etc that gives it a delicious dissolve-in mouth feeling. Added to it, there is a sudden charge of energy from sugar and undoubtedly the bio active ingredients like theobromine and caffeine - acts as mood enhancers.
The above can be general properties of chocolate but why are women iconic advertisers to chocolates than men?
Many studies have shown that women seem to be more prone to chocolate cravings than men. The difference is probably rooted in the female's cyclic rise and fall of estrogen and progesterone. The below intervention studies and findings for these cravings may be attributed to blood sugar levels, stress and hormonal changes caused by a woman's menstrual cycle.
• It is believed that chocolate cravings have something to do with serotonin, a brain chemical that makes them feel relaxed and help comfort eaters forget about emotional problems, low self-esteem and depressed mood.
• Changes in hormonal levels prior to and during the menstrual cycle can inspire all kinds of food cravings, and chocolate is one of them. And it is said that, many women crave chocolate before menstruation due to magnesium deficiency.
• Another fact for the intense chocolate cravings in women is just a plain "good" factor that gives them a sense of euphoria. It is believed that chocolate is an aphrodisiac.
However, there remains much debate in the medical and nutrition community as to whether chocolate contains enough of the other active compounds like anandmine, phenylethylamine etc to be truly addictive or psychoactive.
So, chocoholics- The sweet solution to the chronic chocolates cravings is you give in and only a bit!