Yoga: An Act of Self-Care

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Yoga: An Act of Self-Care

Self-care is a solo trip towards wellness where you sail your boat.  In simple words, it is a practice of taking care of yourself without any medical assistance. It is one’s ability to perform daily chores (ADL: Activities of daily life) independently and reaching an optimum level of health.

An individual also engages in Yoga and meditation to relax or attain overall well-being.

Why self-care is important?

Sometimes people try to meet the wide-ranging requirements of their loved ones, businesses, kids, friends, or society in general but forget to take care of their own needs. This behavior can take a toll on an individual’s well-being.

Attending to your emotional and physical needs may help to reduce the effects of issues like fatigue, depression, worries, or anxiety. Taking care of your needs may also foster self-compassion and prevent you from a traumatic environment, self-doubt, or any other related hitches.

3 unavoidable reasons to add yoga to your self-care routine

Yoga is gaining popularity all over the globe -and for good reasons. Including yoga in your self-care routine can noticeably improve your health and add strength to your body.  Self-care revolves around 3 components-

1. Good mental health

Yoga reduces stress, hopelessness, and overall tension in the body. No wonder so many people are adopting this restorative mind-body practice!

2. Physical strength and balance

Apart from managing stress, one of the best benefits of yoga is how it helps a person maintain fitness levels. Many asanas involve lifting your own weight that leads to better strength, and balance.

3. Better sleep

According to studies, yoga practice is associated with fewer sleep disturbances and good sleep quality. Yoga can even help manage insomnia and sleep apnea.

How do I practice yoga self-care?

To practice yoga self-care, open up your mind and follow these simple steps-

1) Have a clear idea of your body’s current state

Be aware of your present situation, know what is going in your mind and body. Observe your sensations.

2) Set an intention

Once you acknowledge your present state, try to activate the regions of your brain by countering the self-destructive thoughts. Replace the negative thinking pattern with optimistic ones. Comfort the voices in your head and set an intention.

3) Choose yoga according to your desired outcome

After setting an intention; choose a yoga style or asana that will help you in achieving your specific goal. For ex: If you get anxious often try out the triangle pose and then next time practice 4-7-8 breathing. See, what works the best for you. If you don’t know how to perform yoga, check out guided videos by experts on Wellness TV.

Can difficult poses be performed for self-care?

Self-care can sometimes be tough love as well and practicing difficult poses by your own can be risky. A trained fitness/yoga expert can guide and help you execute the complicated asana and make it less complex for you.  Choose Personal Fitness Training Plan on The Wellness Corner app and get a yoga plan to accomplish your goals effectively.

Whatever sort of yoga you choose to try, you’ll feel abundant as it will help you in taking care of your mind and body. Apart from yoga, journalizing on a regular basis can help you improve your behavioral patterns for good. Individuals who find it difficult to take care of their own needs may be able to sort their routine by speaking to a certified therapist.

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