Yoga Asanas to boost the immune system

  • 27 days ago
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Yoga Asanas to boost the immune system

Our immune system is the shield against infections and external environment. The immune system forms antibodies that help in fighting pathogens and viruses that harm the body in unimaginable ways. Thus it is of utmost importance to take proper diet, and keep your body active not just because of the Covid-19 pandemic but also in general to lead a healthy life.

According to research, yoga has a beneficial impact on our immune system as it reduces stress, strengthens core, detoxes the body and thus promote overall well-being.

Your risk of getting infected or falling sick increases if you have an immune deficiency. It can be because of various reasons like past medical or family history. If you have been trying to adopt ways to boost your immune system but nothing seems to be in falling in your favor, consult a doctor on The Wellness Corner and get to the root of your health problems. Pay attention to your body signals, don't ignore them.

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