Yogurt OR Curd? What is Good for My Health?

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Yogurt OR Curd? What is Good for My Health?

Most of us get confused between yogurt and curd. Don't worry; it's very natural. In order to get a clear idea of both, we need to differentiate them. So let's first know about the differences between yogurt and curd so that we can distinguish them and proceed with their health benefits.

Differences Between Yogurt And Curd

Yogurt is an industrial product. It is made by bacterial fermentation of milk, and it can be flavored as required. Yogurt contains live strains of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcusthermophiles. The bacteria used to make yogurt is known as yogurt culture. Yogurt is tangy and acidic in taste due to the fermentation of the bacteria on the milk protein, which produces lactic acid.

On the other hand, the curd is a dairy product. It tastes sour and sometimes sweet too. In order to convert milk into curd, a small amount of pre-made curd should be added. It contains lactobacillus which multiplies and turns the lukewarm milk to curd. Without it, the fermentation will not take place. But in case, there is no pre-made curd available, a starter can be made using lemon, vinegar, and chilli.

Health Benefits Of Yogurt And Curd


1. Good for the immune system

Yogurt contains probiotics that help to strengthen the immune system and also reduce your chances of contracting any disease. Probiotics help to reduce inflammation which is the main element for many viral infections and disorders. Yogurt has some minerals like magnesium and selenium, which play an important role in enhancing the immune system.

2. Powerhouse for nutrients

Yogurt contains almost all types of nutrients that your body needs every day. It contains calcium which is very good for the teeth and the bones. It also contains Vitamin B12, which acts as a  shield for heart disease. Apart from these, minerals like phosphorus, magnesium is also there,  which work as catalysts for the various processes inside the body.

3. Balances the weight of the body

A full-fat dairy product like yogurt helps to keep away obesity. Furthermore, consuming yogurt also helps to manage the average weight of a person. It controls lower body weight and maintains the body fat percentage as well. Eating yogurt helps the overall health of a person and should be eaten more often.

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Daily Bowl Of Curd

Diet Plan

What Is The Best Time To Have Yogurt?

You must be having these questions in your mind- What is the best time to have yogurt?  Should I eat yogurt in the morning, or should I have it as a snack? Well, all your questions now have an answer. Let's have a look at it.

If you want to lose weight, then having yogurt in your breakfast sounds perfect. On the other hand, you can also have yogurt to lift your mood; it is a good stress-buster as well. You can also have yogurt as a dessert, definitely the perfect way of having it!


1. Improves digestion

Curd has probiotics that help to stabilize the digestive system and is especially helpful for those who are lactose intolerant. Most of us go through severe stomach aches or irregular metabolic processes. The curd will help to overcome those problems and give you relief in a very short span of time.

2. Strengthens immune system

Similar to yogurt curd also contains probiotics that help to strengthen the immune system and can help reduce your chances of contracting any disease.

3. Good for your heart

Curd helps reduce the level of cholesterol in your heart and minimize the risk of high blood pressure, thus helping you protect your heart.  Doctors prescribe eating curd to cholesterol patients so that they can acquire a healthy body. The heart remains healthy as a result of having curd every day. Henceforth, curd should be an essential element of your staple diet.

4. Strengthens bones and teeth

Curd helps you get strong bones and teeth due to it’s high calcium content and fight osteoporosis.

5. Removes dandruff

Curd is an excellent remedy for dandruff. Mix it with henna and apply it to your scalp. Wash it after half an hour and see the results. It will also make the hair look shiny. It's a natural way of removing dandruff from your hair, so don't forget to try it at home.

What Is The Best Time To Have A Curd?

Do you think the best time to have a curd is during the day? Well, you are not wrong. Indeed, the best time to have a curd is during the daytime.

Curd should not be consumed during the night after a meal because one can catch a cold in that process. People who have cough and cold problems should avoid it. However, people who don't have an issue can have it at night as well. Curd helps to cool the stomach.

Both yogurt and curd have their own positive sides, so whatever you have will definitely contribute to your good health. So, you can choose either!

Remember, a healthy diet must contain all types of nutrients that your body needs. A deficit of one nutrient can make a lot of difference in your body.

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