Healthy Package in Bhubaneswar

includes 87 tests



Despite the abundance of medical advice, food options, and exercise regimens available to reduce the risk of lifestyle-related illnesses and diseases, Doctors have repeatedly emphasized the significance of disease prevention in order to decrease the need for medical treatment or surgery. It is critical that you take complete body check-ups every six months to detect any changes in health. Especially during this pandemic, you need to take extra care of your health with regular full body check-ups and Covid tests. TWC Fit & Healthy India Full Body Checkup with Covid IgG Antibody and Vitamins offers 360-degree insight into your overall health.


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    Report Time: 24-48 Hours

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    Fasting Time: Fasting Required for 10-12 Hours

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    Test Recommended for: Both Male & Female

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    Recommended for age: All age group

Tests Included