7 Workout Tweaks That Boost Your Immunity, According to An Immunologist!

  • 17 months ago
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7 Workout Tweaks That Boost Your Immunity, According to An Immunologist!

Immunity is your body's ability to fight infections on its own. The stronger the immunity, the less you'll fall sick. While a healthy and nutrient-rich diet is necessary to maintain or boost your immunity, good lifestyle habits such as a regular workout can also help. And that is what the blog is all about.

In this blog, we discuss seven workout tweaks that you can follow to boost your immune system. And the best part? All these tweaks come from an immunologist. So, can include them in your routine and expect nothing but benefits.

Best Exercise Types to Boost Immunity

The best kind of exercise usually works in moderation. Which means you need not be too harsh or soft with your body. Vigorous exercises and workouts generally initiate a negative response in the body, especially in the long term. And still, several people opt for them expecting good results, all in vain.

However, according to Tatyana Souza, the current owner of Coolidge Yoga and a former immunologist, the best exercise types to boost immunity are practicing yoga and meditation with adequate rest. She further mentions that rest is vital for the immune system to rejuvenate the body's lost energy.

These exercises are merely a gentle approach to a healthy body. If you aren't involved in any sport that requires tough training and muscle building, yoga is surely the best exercise to boost immunity.

Workout Tweaks to Boost the Effectiveness of Exercise 

Here are some tweaks that you can include/integrate into your daily routine to make the most out of your workouts:

  • Avoid Sticking to One Exercise
  • Build Immunity with Yoga
  • Practice Meditation
  • Include Cardio
  • Do Moderate Stretching
  • Go for Outdoor Walks
  • Enjoy Swimming

Avoid Sticking to One Exercise

It's always a great choice to mix up workouts. Not only it makes the process interesting, but it also helps all your body parts to gain strength. Mix-out exercises change lifestyle in a positive way while boosting your body's immunity.

"If you exercise every day, try to alternate between weight training days, cardio days, meditation, and yoga days." Suggests Dr. Souza.

Build Immunity with Yoga

Adding yoga to your daily schedule simply means adding years to your life. Studies have shown that yoga greatly increases a person's overall life expectancy.

Dr. Souza also mentioned that practicing the right kind of yoga asanas adjusts your body's immune system and blood circulation, making the body function at its best. No matter how many modern forms of exercise are available, the benefits of yoga can't be matched.

Practice Meditation

Meditation relaxes your body, mind, and soul, making them work more efficiently and in sync. Integration of meditation with yoga simply multiplies the benefits that yoga brings. It further helps you be more rational in reacting and decision-making.

Include Cardio

The HHS, or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, suggest that a moderate cardio workout of 150 minutes per week could improve the immune system to a great extent. Also, Cleveland Clinicstated that cardio helps heart muscles pump blood faster, that in turn boosts your respiratory capacity.

Besides, cardio improves heart functioning by lowering the level of cholesterol, preventing you from the risk of heart attacks.

Do Moderate Stretching

Stretching exercises work well for your body's mobility and relaxation. According to Dr. Souza, it also helps in muscle lengthening while regulating your nervous system.

Basically, stretching exercises include simple movements such as back and forward bends, twists, and side stretches that build a strong body's inner core.

Go for Outdoor Walks

Starting your day with a walk adds energy to your entire day. According to studies, a 15-20 minutes outdoor walk brings more vitality than an indoor workout. Another study reported that a 10-minute stair walk energized women more than a coffee cup.

Also, in the case of aged people who can't really go to gyms, morning and evening walks for 15-20 minutes can surge their life span.

Enjoy Swimming

Swimming exercises not only add fun to your boring schedule but also work wonders in terms of immunity boosting. It's a great way to burn calories, improve your cardiovascular system, and build muscle strength and endurance.

Ultimately, swimming allows your body to work from head to toe while making "workout" an exciting task to do.

Additional Tips to Bear in Mind 

Excess of anything never favors your body. Dr. Souza explains that although workouts are necessary for the human body, too much exercise can disbalance the hormonal system. Overexertion and overstress of your body's system often cause problems that may go unnoticed in the initial stages.

For instance, athletes involved in active workouts such as CrossFit stay vulnerable to inflammation, particularly in sensitive body parts. Adequate rest and sleep are indeed equally crucial as workouts. Besides, researchers also reported that women who practice vigorous sports, such as weight lifting, etc., can have irregular menstruation and PCOD-like problems.

On the whole, balance is the key to having a healthy lifestyle. Your immunity doesn't determine by exercise or workout alone. Other factors such as sleep cycle, food habits, age, and stress do play a major role in keeping you disease-free.

Finding it Hard to Exercise on your Own?

Procrastination affects the best of us. So, if you find it hard to include healthy workouts in your routine, you can opt for a Wellness Plan from The Wellness Corner. This will help you stay on top of your schedule and earn rewards for doing the same. So, it's a win-win.

Wrapping Up 

A strong immune system is essential to fight against diseases and infections. Physical exercises help to improve immunity while making you feel fit and confident. Although exercising and practicing yoga bring numerous benefits, most importantly boosting immunity, a healthy and nutrient-rich diet is necessary too. Therefore, along with workout, eat healthy too. And if you're still struggling to boost immunity, reach out to an expert and get the issue diagnosed.

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