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Eye Safety

Eye Safety


The eyes, among our most important external organs, are also among our most vulnerable. Besides the risk of discomfort, long-term eye injuries can occur if appropriate eye safety measures are not taken.

Safety Tips:

Taking a few eye safety precautions in everyday life can dramatically decrease the risk of eye problems and injuries.
• Always handle sharp objects, including knives, scissors, and even pencils, with extreme care. And do not allow small children to have access to them.
• When surfing the internet or using the computer for any lengthy period of time, be sure to blink plenty and look away from the screen periodically.
• Sunglasses are crucial for preventing long-term sun damage to the eyes. Be sure to select and wear those that block ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
• Always wear proper eye protection, taking special care when working with chemicals or power tools or engaging in hobbies involving small pieces of material.
• Wash your hands after using any chemicals so that you do not accidentally rub them into your eyes.

Did you know:
Babies don't produce tears in their eyes until they are one to three months old.


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