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Gender Identity Disorder

Gender Identity Disorder

Gender identity disorder is a condition in which a male or a female feels a strong identification with the opposite sex. An individual with this disorder experiences great discomfort regarding his or her actual anatomic gender and may express a desire to alter their bodies. This disorder is not the same as homosexuality. It affects a person's self image and can also impact the person's behaviour, mannerisms and dressing.

The cause for this disorder in unknown, but it is said that hormones in the womb, genes, social and environmental factors may be involved. The symptoms of this disorder vary by age and are often affected by the person's social environment.

Symptoms in children include:

• Feel disgusted by his or her own genitals
• Believe that he or she will grow up to become the opposite sex
• Have depression or anxiety
• Withdraw from social interaction
• Dress like the opposite sex

Symptoms in adults include:

• Dress like the opposite sex
• Have depression or anxiety
• Have an urge to be rid of their own genitals
• Want to live as a person of the opposite sex
• Withdrawal from social interaction

Medical history and a psychological exam are performed to rule out any other possible causes for the symptoms such as depression or psychosis. Contact your doctor if you have symptoms of this disorder! An early diagnosis can reduce one's chances of depression, emotional distress and suicide.



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