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Is Sleeping a Pain for You???

Is Sleeping a Pain for You???

   Do you fall into the category of people who sit before the computer monitor continuously for hours and come back home with a neck pain or a lower back pain? It is not only necessary to get your ergonomics right to avoid these, but also take small precautions while sleeping to wake up fresh and fit! It is a vicious cycle of low back/neck pain and sleep and hence right sleeping positions are very important to keep the pain at bay. A few tips to say good bye to pain before falling asleep:

Lower back pain:
• Support your back while in bed. Change the mattress every 5-7 years and choose a firm or a medium-firm mattress. If buying is not an option, try moving your mattress onto the floor.
• Try not to curve your back while sleeping. Use a pillow under your knees while sleeping on your back and between knees while sleeping on your side.
• Avoid jerks while moving in and out of the bed.

Neck pain:
• A feather pillow that easily conforms to the shape of your neck is best suited for people with neck pain. Again, remember to replace it every year.
• A proper spinal alignment can be achieved if memory foam is used in traditional pillows. These pillows easily conform to the shape of your neck and head.
• Unlike firm mattress for back pain, avoid stiff or too high pillows as it keeps your neck flexed overnight and you wake up with neck stiffness.
• Let your spine be straight by using a pillow higher under the neck than your head especially when you sleep on your side.
• Prefer a horseshoe-shaped pillow while travelling or watching TV as it supports your neck and prevents your head from dropping to one side if you doze off sitting!

Your sleeping position widely determines sleep quality. Experts believe sleeping on your side instead of sleeping on your back by using the right pillow and mattress can avoid neck pain or back pain. Take the right position and say good night to your pain before sleeping...

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