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4530 Ways-to-deal-with-snoring

Ways to deal with snoring

Ways to deal with snoring

Almost everyone snores occasionally, but if snoring is frequent, it can lead to poor sleep, fatigue, irritability and increased health problems. Hence, it is important to find a right solution to eliminate snoring. Here are a few things you can do to eliminate snoring.

Lose some weight- Losing even a little weight will help you reduce fatty tissue from your throat and decrease or even stop snoring.
Exercise regularly- Regular workouts will not only tone your arms, legs and abs but also tone your throat muscle, which will in turn reduce snoring.
Stop smoking- Smoking aggravates snoring by blocking your throat muscles and airways.
Avoid alcohol and sedatives- Alcohol and sedatives are seen to relax your throat muscles and interfere with breathing causing snoring.
Develop regular sleep patterns- Create a regular sleep pattern and stick to it as it will help you sleep better and minimize snoring. Keep a good sleep posture- Avoid sleeping flat on your back as it worsens snoring. You can try the "Tennis Ball Trick". Attach a tennis ball to the back of your T-shirt or pajama while sleeping. The tennis ball will make sleeping on the back uncomfortable and you will end up sleeping on the side.

Try these easy solutions for a snore free and sound sleep!

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