How to Break Caffeine Addiction

  • 37 months ago
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How to Break Caffeine Addiction

Coffee, tea, chocolates, colas...Awe! Who likes to stay away from all these?

But what can excess caffeine do to you? We all know caffeine can dehydrate the body, cause disrupted sleep patterns, make you hyperactive, lead to anxiety, etc. so, if you want to break the caffeine addiction, read through the following tips:

  1. Reduce the intake of caffeine-rich tea, coffee, or cold drinks GRADUALLY.
  2. Replace caffeinated beverages with the DECAFFEINATED versions.
  3. Slowly SWITCH TO WATER, like lemon water or coconut water, fresh juices, herbal drinks as substitutes.
  4. Introduce antioxidant-rich GREEN TEA/HERBAL TEA or CAFFEINE FREE HERBAL TEA into your daily routine.
  5. Eat a BALANCED DIET involving sufficient quantities of fruits and vegetables to cut back on caffeine intake.
  6. Consume foods rich in COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES, VITAMIN-C AND VITAMIN-B complex to support your adrenal system and, in turn, reduce your caffeine cravings.
  7. Try PROTEIN-rich snacks instead of coffee to wake your body up in the afternoon.
  8. Get more SLEEP, REST, AND RELAXATION. Take out time to fulfill your emotional, physical. and mental needs.
  9. Adopt a healthy LIFESTYLE. This involves a balanced combination of exercise, sleep, and proper hydration.
  10. Seek the help of REHABILITATION centers if you are finding it extremely difficult to quit caffeine products on your own.
  11. Make a PROMISE to quit to the ones you love which can be rewarding and help you quit at ease. You can also find someone to quit with you.
  12. Sit down and calculate how much time and MONEY you actually spend on caffeine. Think of other things you could do with that time and money.
  13. Make time to RELAX AND ENJOY simple natural highs. Get comfortable with feeling good and stress-free.

Give it a try

So, set a goal for yourself and try to break your caffeine addiction with these simple tips. However, breaking an addiction pattern can seem tough, as such therapies can help you from falling into the pit again. It's okay to seek professional help and start by taking baby steps towards the right direction. Our therapists have helped many people get rid of addictive patterns by standing with them through out their journey and being their best advocate.

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