7 Benefits of bathing under cold water for improved skin and health

  • 21 months ago
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7 Benefits of bathing under cold water for improved skin and health

Cold Shower. What did you feel when these words hit your mind? Probably chills just went down your spine. But did you know a cold shower has amazing benefits for your health and skin?

If you didn't but are curious to know, this blog is for you. Below we'll discuss the 7 amazing health benefits of a cold shower. And by the end, you'll be convinced to go for cold showers over the hot ones.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Cold Shower

1. Enhances Blood Circulation

When you take a cold shower, your body's temperature drops. However, your body counters this by increasing the blood flow towards the organs and thus enhancing the blood circulation.

So, take cold showers if you want better blood circulation.

2. Improves your Skin and Hair

Do you experience dry skin and itchy skin during winters? Well, it's probably due to the hot showers. Hot showers suck your skin dry, due to which the scalp starts to wither off.

A cold shower, on the other hand, helps seal the skin and scalp pores. This way, dirt won't deposit on your scalp or your skin.

What’s more, cold showers give you shiny hair and skin. It's because, unlike hot water, cold water never strips your skin/hair of its oils.

Tip: Regular exercises along with these little changes in your lifestyle can enhance skin and hair growth.

3. Helps Reduce Stress

Cold showers help your body produce endorphins. And these endorphins help you make you feel less stressed. However, if you're suffering from heart disease, too cold water, it's not recommended for showers.

4. Helps Achieve Good Sleep

Cold showers soothe your muscles, lower stress, and anxiety in your body. This way, you can achieve a relaxed sleep at night. So, take a cold shower before you hit the bed.

5. Enhances Mental Health

Some clinical tests suggest that cold showers help improve mental health. Also, a study showed the positive effects of cold showers on the mental health of patients suffering from depression.

Furthermore, cold showers send electrical impulses from nerve endings to your brain. This can lead to an anti-depressing effect that eases the mind.

6. Improves Alertness in Body

If you're in a state of slumber, take a cold shower to get out of it. A cold shower works to improve alertness in your body as it:

  • Increases your Heart Rate
  • Increases your Blood Pressure
  • Elevates the Respiratory Rate

It sends your body in a kind of shock that makes you alert. So, if you want to stay alert, go for a cold shower each day.

7. Promotes Weight Loss and Boosts Immunity

Your metabolism boosts when you go for a cold shower. And this helps burn more calories, up to even 500 calories per day. It simply means cold showers can help you lose some weight. Cold hydrotherapy or cold water therapy includes the process of using water around 15 °C to extract health benefits.

A study found out that people who take cold showers are less likely to fall ill. It's because when you take a cold shower, your body's temperature drops. And your body tries to warm it up. This process releases WBCs, which further help activate the immune system.

Wrapping Up

You might find it hard for a few days while taking a cold shower. But when it becomes a habit, you'll start to enjoy it. After all, it brings so many irresistible benefits.

However, be aware of the fact that cold showers increase the respiratory rate, blood pressure, and heart rate. So, if you're suffering from any of these issues, you must go for mildly cold water. Ice cold water might heighten your issues which is why you should avoid it.

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