New Symptoms Discovered in Second Wave of COVID-19 in India

  • 6 months ago
New Symptoms Discovered in Second Wave of COVID-19 in India

What is Second Wave of Corona?

The most frequent symptoms associated with COVID-19 are cold, cough, headache, and lack of smell and taste, as we all know. Knowing the usual signs allows us to recognise whether we can isolate ourselves or seek medical help.

COVID-19 second wave symptoms such as pink eyes, gastronomical disorders, and hearing loss, according to some reports, should not be considered lightly.

The COVID-19 condition in the world is aggravating more every day and if you are eligible it is best to get yourself registered  and contact the nearest covid center for COVID vaccination. As the world continues to grapple with the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, researchers have alerted about a strange symptom identified as COVID Tongue, causing concern.

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When is Second Wave of Coronavirus Expected in India?

Well, the second significant wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India is already here. It has forced several states to reimpose strict regulations, including partial and complete lockdowns, to combat the disease's spread. So citizens who are like,"Is the second wave of coronavirus possible in India ?” The second outbreak of coronavirus infections in India is the world's fastest developing. The world's third-largest economy adds more cases per week than the United States and Brazil combined.

We are actually in a state to ask when the second wave of the COVID-19 is supposed to finish in India? A powerful second surge of Indian cases has been caused by a combination of new strains, vaccine hesitancy, and COVID-denial among the general public. We must do more than increase our attention and continue our vaccine campaign. Also, if you have been vaccinated, you may have some common side effects and you should know that, they are completely normal.

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Corona 2nd wave in India

As the country prepares for its implications, a second wave of coronavirus in India is spreading like flames and infecting citizens of all ages. This strange symptom has once again alarmed the public.

COVID Tongue

This new symptom is marked by a lack of saliva production, which doctors say protects the mouth from harmful bacteria. Besides that, the COVID-19 2nd wave update confirms that people experiencing these symptoms can find it difficult to chew their food or speak clearly.

The second wave of COVID-19 in India is sweeping the country, with coronavirus symptoms that aren't quite the same as the first. The virus may harm a person's physical and mental health. Apart from fever and cold, eight symptoms can indicate whether you have contracted the virus.

The upper respiratory tract is affected by the coronavirus infection. According to a recent report, diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach cramps, nausea, and discomfort are all symptoms of coronavirus. If you're having stomach problems, don't ignore them and get yourself checked. Other prominent symptoms seen with the second wave of coronavirus are as follows:

Hearing Impaired

If you've recently heard ringing sounds or other hearing loss symptoms, it may be a sign of coronavirus. COVID-19 infection can cause hearing symptoms, according to a report published in the International Journal of Audiology.

Pink Eyes

People with pink eyes can experience redness, swelling, and watery eyes. A new study states that this condition was seen in many participants who were infected with the new COVID-19 strain.

Brain Fog

The second wave of coronavirus has been linked to memory and neurological issues. Whether you're having trouble recalling details or are confused.

Perhaps the best way to reassure yourself if you are suffering from Covid-19 would be to go for another round of tests after 3-4 days. Don’t step out rather book Covid RT-PCR test online on The Wellness Corner. Trained staff from IMCR labs would safely collect samples via the right technique, right from your doorstep and get results 48-72 hours.

Warning Sign

If proper masking, disinfecting, tracing, and quarantine procedures are not practiced, this number will begin to rise again. Only if we stick to the above practices would the downward trend persist.


If you have COVID signs such as cough, fever, extreme fatigue, or a lack of taste or odour, you should avoid going to work or meeting new people right away and get medical help. You should get the Antigen COVID-19 test done as soon as possible. Make sure you advise others to do the same who came in contact with you.

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