Guide for COVID-19 Testing at Home

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Guide for COVID-19 Testing at Home

Since India is facing thousands of newly infected COVID-19 cases every day, even mild symptoms of coronavirus should be taken seriously. The state is facing a double-mutant and N440K variant of novel coronavirus that has become a topic of discussion among experts and scientists. During the midst of this pandemic, it is important to get yourself checked on time to keep the impact of disease in control for minimizing the spread of the virus. With the facility of at-home COVID tests, there are various methods to do COVID-19 test at home with your privacy and safety. There are several  COVID-19 home testing kits available that help deliver you results within minutes at home only.

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Types of COVID-19 Tests

Different countries utilize several types of COVID-19 testing techniques to detect past infections and current contaminations. In India, the below-mentioned techniques are followed:

  • Viral COVID-19 Test: This allows you to identify the current virus in your body. There are major two types of viral tests i.e. antigen tests and NAATs (nucleic acid amplification tests).
  • Antibody Test: Called a serology test, it allows you to detect whether you have been infected with the virus before. This test doesn't identify the current infection but helps diagnose the past infection.

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Rapid Test Kits For COVID-19

  • Feluda: Cheaper and accurate COVID-19 test kit, Feluda allows you to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus in your body.
  • Ellume: It requires a prescription and uses the application to guide you through the process of swab sample collection.
  • BinaxNOW: Order this kit using the application and with a prescription. It allows you to test yourself with a swab at home.

How Should We Chose

Choosing the right testing kit is difficult but is important as the wrong result can lead to inverse consequences. While picking an at-home testing kit for COVID-19, you should keep the following aspects in your mind:

  • Ease of the sample collection process
  • Methods used for sample collection
  • How quickly result demonstrate

For opting for the most appropriate and accurate technique, you should read dozens of reviews and research studies.

Risks of COVID-19 Testing @Home

Though not going to the testing site is a wise option these days after seeing the surge in the new cases, there are some essential aspects one should understand while testing at home:

  • It is possible to get negative testing results even if you're exposed to the virus or positive results even if you are not contaminated.
  • Wash your hands or sanitize your testing site surface before you begin in order to get the most appropriate result.
  • Keep your sample safely stored as per the given direction until you use it. Do not use a damaged, expired, used, or discolored test.
  • Store and protect your completed test. Do not keep it in the sun or by a heater.
  • Take a doctor's guidance to avoid the incorrect swab test whether it is nasal or oral swab testing. The wrong sample collection can cause the virus to go undetected.
  • If you have a variant of a novel coronavirus, consult the report immediately with your doctor and go for a verified PCR test.

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What If You Test COVID-19 Positive

  • Do not panic, in case your test result is positive. People are getting recovered rapidly with proper treatment and care, however, the healthcare experts may recommend a few steps to follow for care @ home.
  • If you are having mild symptoms, separate yourself in a different room, follow care @home guidelines to keep your family safe.
  • Drink a lot of fluids to boost your immunity. Get plenty of rest.
  • In case you show symptoms of pneumonia (high fever, labored breathing, severe cough), immediately consider admitting to a hospital.
  • Always cover your face with a mask around people or public places. Experts suggest to use double mask during the second wave of coronavirus to stay safe during this pandemic.

If you don't want to do the diagnosis at home by yourself due to any reason, The Wellness Corner app allows you to book an RT-PCR test @home where the sample will be collected by experts while taking care of your safety and privacy. Consult with an expert or doctor virtually (chat, video, or audio) in case of any further assistance. Describe your symptoms and if you think you have been exposed to novel coronavirus.

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