Double-Up Against COVID-19 Second Wave: Key To Stay Safe

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Double-Up Against COVID-19 Second Wave: Key To Stay Safe

India has reported more than 25 lakh of COVID-19 cases in the last month and the numbers are increasing rapidly every day. From 1st May 2021, the vaccine will be available for all people above the age of 18 years as per the new guidelines of the central government. In this emergency, the country is getting support from not only its people but also other countries in the world. Russia offered their vaccine Sputnik-V to India to aim for a mass level of vaccination and to improve the financial condition of the state. Experts suggested that double-up your safety against COVID-19 during the second wave of coronavirus to stay safe during this pandemic.

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Second Wave of Covid-19

The second wave of COVID-19 is leading to collapse in the healthcare system of India where patients are suffering and dying due to the lack of hospital beds, ventilators, oxygen cylinders, and proper treatments in the hospitals. To expand the space, hangers and grounds are being transformed into hospitals.

How Did The Double Mutation Variant Emerge

The new variant, also known as B.1.617 was initially detected in India with other two mutations i.e. E484Q and L452R. It was announced late last year by an Indian scientist and demonstrated by WHO later on. According to evolutionary biology, viruses mutate all the time, some mutations make them stronger whereas some make them weaker affecting their behavior to infect. Double mutation has been detected in many nations such as Belgium, Australia, Germany, Namibia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, the US, and the UK as per the statement of the Indian Government. After observing the data it is stated that mutation of the virus was not the reason for the sudden surge in the infected cases.

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Double-Up Against COVID-19 Second Wave

The first and foremost step to fight against COVID-19 is using face masks. Since the second wave of coronavirus is leading to an increase in the covid cases, the experts suggested that double-up your masks to limit the risk of spread as it offers up to 95% of safety and protection. The US CDC also recommended putting on surgical masks along with your cloth masks to prevent the chances of getting infected. Studies demonstrate the data that doubling up masks can minimize the exposure of coronavirus up to 95%.

How to Double-Up Your Masks

Doubling-up masks surely minimize the chances of infection to an extent, but it is essential to understand that the results depend on the appropriate way of wearing a mask. Here are mentioned the two techniques to double-up your regular mask:

#1 Cloth Mask & Surgical Mask

Team your surgical mask with your cloth mask because a cloth mask is not effective alone. Wear the surgical mask first then on the top put on your cloth mask to make it more effective against the virus.

#2 Knotting The Ear Loops

The second way to make your mask more effective is knotting the ear loops of your 3-ply surgical mask.

Things To Notice Before Buying A Mask

Mask With Nose Wire

A mask with a nose wire is essential to consider before picking the mask. Embedded nose wire is one of the most key aspects of a good quality mask whether it's a plastic wire or a metal wire.

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Do's of Mask Double-Up

  • The mask should have a snug fit as it is important to prevent leaks of respiratory droplets in and out.
  • Pick a mask with multiple layers as it creates a strong barrier against the respiratory droplets.

Don't of Mask Double-Up

  • As the surgical masks are not designed to fit snugly, do not combine them.
  • Do not combine any mask with an N95 mask as this is already 95% effective and also offers a snug fit.

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Bottom Line

The initial level of safety and protection against coronavirus is essential if you need to go out for any reason and doubling-up mask is one of the key aspects to consider. Consult with your doctor or get a home test if you still see primary symptoms of COVID-19. The Wellness Corner offers online (chat/audio/video) consultation with expert doctors and also provides RT-PCR test @ Home for added convenience and safety.

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