Cultivating Habits With Family During The Holiday Season

  • 5 months ago
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Cultivating Habits With Family During The Holiday Season

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of hectic lives, holidays and festivals are the best escape to find your inner child again. It is the perfect time for relaxation, vacation, and the best of best- family gatherings.

Holidays are indeed supposed to be a break from mundane day-to-day activities. While holidays are fun, they also pave the way to strengthen relationships and allow you to prioritize your family.

It doesn't have to be complicated, just cultivating some habits can make your holiday time special:

1) Break the ice and indulge in conversations

Usually, the conversation between family members revolves around basic routine. Holidays are a considerable opportunity to talk out of the box, exchange ideas, and get to know each other's personality better. It gives you a space to understand the patterns and work towards creating harmony in the family.

Recall the stories of people who have had a great impact on your family. Pass that information to your kids. Narrate about their achievements as well as struggles, so they can learn from them.

2) Exercise and de-stress

Holiday season=Playtime! Yes, playing enhances creativity and problem-solving skills. Getting involved in exercises, games, and sporty activities acts as a stress buster for all the members. Staying active physically and mentally improves cognitive skills along with boosting overall health. From the kids' point of view, they feel appreciated and loved when their elder ones spare time for them.  It also makes you feel more connected to the other members.

Gyms and clubs usually extend deals throughout the holiday season, so take advantage.

3) Focus on making memories together

Try new activities that will bring in the whole family in one frame. Do the things you had on your wish list.

These little celebrations with your family are the ones that matter. They will make you realize- "The times I feel most loved are the times I'm near family".

When you build good memories, they make a positive impact on your consciousness. These memories help you sail through tough times in the future.

Try these ideas that might help you bond together as a family:

1) Meet online and advance your fitness by trying a session with a friend or family member.

2) Skip the market pastries, experiment, make new healthy dishes at home and have dinner together.

3) Go on a vacation.

4) Plan a theme-based get-together.

5) Watch a movie/drama.

6) Volunteer together to make someone else’s life better as a learning experience.

7) Go for a family walk.

8) Play an outdoor game; what about football?

9) Try family yoga.

In a nutshell

Everyone needs a sense of belonging, and family is that safe place we can trust. It's a place where people can share their feelings without the fear of judgment. Similarly, children need a healthy environment where they can learn and, holidays give everyone the chance to open up.

The pandemic has already taught us one thing- "Family is not an important thing. It's everything."

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If you stay away from family, ensure that you visit home and make the most of that precious time. And, if you cannot make it home due to any reason, stay connected digitally. MAY YOU HAVE THE HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS!

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