5 Ways To Detox & Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind, And Soul

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5 Ways To Detox & Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind, And Soul

Whether it's the extra calories you had this week or the polluted air you breathe, you probably ingest your body with toxins every day. Then why not detox every day? You do not require a cabbage diet or cleansing juice to detoxify when you can cleanse your body with yoga on a regular basis. This detoxification will not only help you with improved digestion, flexibility, and strength but also help harmonize your body, mind, and soul, keeping you calm and serene.

How Yoga Helps In Detoxification?

The cleansing organs of your body include lungs, liver, and kidneys. The question is why your body needs detoxification and revitalization when you have an in-built detoxifying system already. The fact is that our body is too invested in handling invasive toxins to prevent infection. Yoga asanas help promote blood circulation ensuring enough supply of oxygen to various parts of your body. It assists in increasing lung capacity, regulating your digestive system, and improving your metabolism system by flushing out harmful toxins that clog your body. By establishing a balance between your mind, soul, and body, yoga helps keep your mind at peace while rejuvenating and detoxifying your body.

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Yoga Asanas To Promote Detoxification

Yoga asanas help remove toxins from your body and liver, improve your gut health while increasing flexibility to keep your body, mind and soul serene. Try the following yoga poses to eliminate unwanted impurities, improving mobility, and stimulating blood circulation to the organs.

#1 Wide Leg Forward Bend (Prasarita Padottanasana)

Also known as prasarita padottanasana, the wide leg forward bend assists in smooth blood flow as it positions your head beneath the heart. This asana also helps in improving your gut health.

Practice The Pose

  • Stand straight with feet wide a leg-length apart. Ensure to keep the outer ends of your feet parallel to the corner of your mat.
  • Inhale while raising your hands up.
  • Exhale while keeping your back straight and start bending forward. Either put your hands on the mat, the hips, or on blocks.
  • Hold for 5 breaths, and slowly bring your hands up, and start erecting your pose with a long spine.
  • Breath in, relax and release your whole back body while maintaining your kneecaps in a lifted position to support your foundation.
  • Hold for 5 breaths, and bring your hands behind on your hips again, and start erecting your pose with a long spine.

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#2 Janu Sirsasana

Also known as head-to-knee forward bend, janu sirsasana is considered an effective stretch yoga pose that helps soothe your sore muscles, stimulate liver and kidney, strengthen rib bones while improving your digestion system.

Practice The Pose

  • Sit in the dandasana or staff pose. Outstretch both of your legs before you.
  • Fold your left knee and place the sole of your left foot to your right inner thigh.
  • With an inhale raise your arms and exhale. Move your torso toward your extended right leg.
  • Bend your torso down to your leg, beginning the bend from your hip despite the lower back.
  • Keep a long spine, relax your shoulders and open your chest.
  • Keep your hands down, upraising your right leg and holding your foot or ankle.
  • Hold the pose for 5 - 10 breaths
  • Inhale, relax and ease the pose.
  • Repeat the same on the other side.

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#3 Paschimottanasa (Seated Forward Bend)

It is a classic pose of hatha yoga that helps stretch your hips, hamstrings and lower back, and release acidity by contracting intestinal organs and abdominal.

Practice The Pose

  • Raise your both arms out to the sides and then up, toward the sky.
  • Breath in and maintain an erected spine.
  • Breath out and start to bend forward, connecting at your hips and moving your chin approaching your toes.
  • Lengthen the spine with each breath, start bending forward parallel to your toes. Try to touch your belly on your thighs beside the nose on your knees.
  • Keep your neck aligned with your spine. When you reach the full extension of your lengthening spine, try to hold the pose for 20 - 60 seconds.
  • Inhale while strengthening the arms and relax your spine while bringing your body in the sitting position.
  • Exhale and lower the arms. Repeat the same thing a few times.

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#4 Naukasana (Boat Pose)

Named after its pose, 'shape of a boat', this asana helps in strengthening the pancreas, lungs, and liver while balancing the sugar level and stimulating the blood circulation process.

Practice The Pose

  • Lie on the mat with your back resting on the ground and feet touching together and arms resting beside your body.
  • Inhale deeply and come on your forearm with chest out and feet touching together.
  • Ensure your fingers, eyes, and toes are aligned in a line.
  • Feel the burn and tension in your abdominal area as your vertex muscle compresses in the process.
  • Maintain the pose while breathing deeply. Hold the pose for 30 - 60 seconds.
  • Breathe out as you come back in the lying position.
  • Relax and repeat the same 3 - 4 times.

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#5 Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Also known as the archer's bow pose, this asana engages your legs and torso as the shape of the bow while arms as the strings. It helps strengthen your back, improve your respiratory ailments, and gut health while promoting overall good posture.

Practice The Pose

  • Sit down on the side of your stomach with your feet keeping slightly apart, equal to your hip while keeping your arms beside your body.
  • Slowly, bend your knees upward and grasp your ankles with your hands.
  • Inhale and elevate your chest and draw your legs up while stretching them out. You should experience the stretch on your thighs and arms.
  • Maintain the same pose for at least 12 - 15 seconds, while breathing mindfully.
  • Slowly return your legs and chest back to the surface, release your ankle hold and relax the pose. Repeat for a few times.


Yoga assists in keeping you detoxed from the inside and active from the outside. Supplement your daily life with a sequence of yoga asanas and a proper diet. Join our yoga trainers at Wellness TV with The Wellness Corner app to bring a drastic change in your life. Maintain a healthy diet while working on your body and maintain a journal to quote down your progress. If you feel bloated or exhausted most of the time, it's time to consult with the dietician to understand the right nutrition and meal plan that works for you.

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