Free Movement: The Buzzing Fitness Trend

  • 13 months ago
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Free Movement: The Buzzing Fitness Trend

A holistically healthy lifestyle has become much more challenging to maintain in the modern world. We spend far too much time sitting or doing nothing. Traditional exercise is meant to keep us healthy, but it is frequently focused on how your body looks rather than how it feels and moves.

"NO PAIN, NO GAIN," we've been taught. We push ourselves to the point of injury and pain. We call it "getting old" when our bodies break down from too much high-intensity training. Every year, we lose our health and vitality because we are trapped in a vicious cycle.

However, there is a way to REVERSE the damage and make healthy living SIMPLE AND SUSTAINABLE.

The concept of free movement refers to moving without regard for rules. Everyone can benefit from natural movement. You can begin at any age, ability, or fitness level. The truth is that Natural Movement comes naturally to all humans, and movement workouts that are fun, challenging, and scalable to all ability levels are available so you can start feeling and moving better right away.

What are the benefits of free movement?

Free movement allows people to tap out of their minds and let their body go wherever it wants to go. This allows you to connect with how you feel energetically as well as somatically (in your body). While free movement is all about giving up mental control, it actually puts you in control through your body.

You have complete freedom of movement. You get a sense of the totality of your whole body, emotions, and physicality by doing free movement. Restore your freedom of movement. Below are few more benefits of Free movement:

  • Reduces chronic pain and stress.
  • Heals old wounds and prevent any future ones.
  • Makes you feel confident to participate in the activities you enjoy.
  • Effective fitness based on bodyweight training and minimum equipment.
  • Provides mindful movement routines for stress and anxiety relief.
  • Acts as a good practice for strength and mobility that produces incredible benefits.

Steps to a free movement practice

The first rule is that there are no rules. But, how can you get into it if you're laying out your mat and feeling weird even shimmying your shoulders?

1. Find the space

The first thing ensure that you are in a safe and relaxing environment.

We think it's really important for free movement to feel relaxed and not like you're being watched because you want it to be a personal practice and something sacred.

2. Get a playlist

Put on something you know and love because music has the power to set your comfort levels. The thing is, many people engage in free movement unconsciously, such as dancing along to music in the kitchen while cooking. This simply takes it to the next level.

3. Look and touch

It is incredibly liberating to be able to bounce around and feel and see things jiggle. We all experience times when we think, "Oh, that doesn't look or feel great." Feel and touch things while grooving or doing your favorite move. Try to be mindful.

4. Don't correct yourself

Didn't land a jump gracefully or tripped over your feet in the middle of a spin? Don't worry about it. We encourage you to move around the room, whether on the floor, in the air, or wherever your body takes you. Most importantly, don't move symmetrically.

There's an idea in exercise, yoga, or dancing that whatever happens on one side has to happen on the other. However, in free movement, you can shake that off. Keep in mind that there is no structure.

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