Healthy Cooking Tips for Healthier You

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Healthy Cooking Tips for Healthier You

Cooking a healthy meal requires healthy ingredients. The way you cook can impact the nutrition value of your food. Hence, it is important to cook food correctly in order to enjoy most of its nutritional benefits. So, in order to help you here, we have come up with a few healthy cooking tips that you can follow to get the most nutrition from your food.

Here are some healthy cooking tips will help you get the most nutrition from foods:

#1 Avoid keeping the chopped vegetables uncooked, exposed in the air for a longer duration, as this may result in loss of vitamins like Vitamin C, B, and thiamine. Instead, cut the vegetables into larger pieces and cook them immediately to prevent the loss of these essential nutrients.

#2 Avoid washing the vegetables (after chopping), as this results in the loss of water-soluble nutrients. Instead, wash the veggies before chopping and avoid over-cooking of the vegetables, so as to preserve their nutrients.

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#3 Never heat the milk at a very high flame, as it can burn the milk and result in the loss of nutrients. Always boil your milk on low flame.

#4 Avoid using the same oil which you have already used for frying to refry foods, as it can lead to the formation of trans fatty acids (TFA) and certain toxic substances in the oil. Also, you need to be careful while eating out, pay attention that you are not been treated with food that can be harmful to your health. Choose the right cooking oil every time!

#5 The healthiest way of cooking vegetables is through steaming. Avoid, boiling the vegetables as it can remove water-soluble nutrients from food which dissolves into the water. Even if you are boiling, don’t throw away the water in which the vegetables were boiled as it is filled with nutrients, instead use the same water for kneading the dough or add to the curry.

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#7 Include sprouts in your meals as it improves the digestibility of pulses and grains and is very healthy and low in fat.

#8 Overnight soaking nuts and seeds activate their full nutrition potential. The potency of vitamins like, A, C, and B gets a boost and live enzymes are released.


Hence, just buying fresh organic foods is not good enough, you must be aware of their proper usages and methods of cooking, in order to enjoy their nutritional benefits. Follow the above tips and incorporate them into your day to day life to make the most out of your healthy meal!

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Are you worried about not getting the proper nutrients? Ask a dietitian or nutritionist online who will help you with a diet plan to achieve your health objectives such as weight loss, boosting immunity or increasing your iron intake.

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