Long Screen Hours? Maybe these Homemade Packs Come to the Rescue

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Long Screen Hours? Maybe these Homemade Packs Come to the Rescue

Our skin gets subjected to pollution and germs that affect it drastically. On the contrary, long screen hours can also contribute to aging and hyperpigmentation. Skin is a very sensitive and delicate part of our bodies; hence it requires proper care.

There are numerous ways in which you can keep your skin fresh and glowing to maintain your beauty. Do you want to know about the ways in which you can do that and some of the homemade face packs that can heal your skin? If you answered yes to the question, then you must give this article a read!

Let's take a look at the ways in which you can keep your skin fresh and refreshing! WAYS TO KEEP YOUR SKIN FRESH AND REFRESHING

Here are some ways in which you can keep your skin fresh, healthy, and glowing.  

  • Eat anti-oxidant rich food
  • Work out
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stop smoking
  • Deep sleep
  • Stress and depression
  • Avoid picking your skin
  • Take care of your skin

1. Eat anti-oxidant rich food

Eating anti-oxidant-rich food supplements like spinach and blackberries will help to enhance your skin and keep it healthy. Therefore, one should try to include food having anti-oxidants in their regular diet.

2. Work out

If you want the blood circulation to function properly, you must work out and exercise or at least try incorporating it into your schedule. Blood circulation helps to bring minerals and oxygen to the skin, thus keeping it healthy.

3. Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water and staying hydrated will keep your skin fresh and glowing. Water helps to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin altogether. Your body needs eight glasses of water regularly, so try to follow it and see your skin glowing.

4. Stop smoking

Smoking has a vast effect on the entire body. As for the skin is concerned, smoking can reduce the oxygen supply to the skin and increase the chance of skin cancer. Therefore yes, smoking isindeed injurious to health.

5. Deep sleep

Lack of good and deep sleep can give birth to wrinkles and dark circles on your skin. Disturbed sleep and insomnia are often a problem. The standard hours of sleeping are approximately eight,  and one should try to maintain that.

6. Stress and depression

Most of the time, stress and depression play an important role in damaging the skin. Therefore it is advised to make a self-care routine and minimize the amount of stress by doing things that will make you happy and forget about the unfortunate events.

7. Avoid picking your skin

Picking your skin with dirty hands might increase the chances of getting a pimple, acne, or other skin infections. Use a clean cloth if itching occurs to avoid such skin problems. You can also use products that reduce itchiness.

8. Take care of your skin

Many of us forget to take care of our skin, as a result of which we have many skin problems. Using face packs and face masks is advised by dermatologists. Therefore, regularly wash your face and apply whatever suits your skin to keep it healthy.


There are varieties of homemade face packs for fresh skin that can help you enhance your skin and keep it clean from the pollutes surrounding it.

For tired puffy skin, apply these homemade packs.

  • Potato juice, lemon, and curd
  • Banana and honey
  • Curd and fresh cream

1. Potato juice, lemon, and curd

The moisturizing effect of curd and the bleaching effect of lemon come together with the rejuvenating effect of the potato juice. This pack will drive away your tiredness, and you willfeel fresh instantly.

2. Banana and honey

Bananas contain vitamin A and honey has a lot of enzymes that can fight the particles and the dirt, constituting environmental pollution. As a result, your tired puffy skin will look less tired and bright.

3. Curd and fresh cream

Curd is known for various skin treatments. You can use curd and turmeric powder with a few drops of rose water and fresh cream to add a glowing effect to your skin. This pack helps toreduce the dryness of the skin.

So now you know about the face packs that you can make all by yourself and treat your skin. You can try some other natural home remedies too. Most importantly, don't forget to drink water and have your beauty sleep while you are too engrossed in your day-to-day life!

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