How to Celebrate a safe Diwali amidst COVID-19

  • 22 months ago
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How to Celebrate a safe Diwali amidst COVID-19

Diwali 2020 is around the corner and due to this ongoing pandemic, the celebration is going to be different this time. Here are some tips on celebrating the Diwali 2020 festive.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is the time when friends and family get together to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. But this time due to this ongoing COVID’19 pandemic, be different in your approach of celebrating this festival by reducing the risk of infection and stopping the spread. Therefore, we are here with some tips to celebrate a Safe Diwali by keeping into consideration these safety measures.

1. Avoid large gatherings and events

Try to avoid gatherings and events that are indoor because it could contribute to increasing the chance of getting infected by the virus.

2. Don’t use sanitizer before lighting diyas/candles

Lighting candles and diyas is a special tradition during this festival. Wash your hands instead of using sanitizer to avoid harm. Also, keep sanitizer away from the fire because most of them contain alcohol and it has a tendency to catch fire.

3. Practice Social Distancing

While greeting others, remember to maintain the distance of 6 feet and avoid handshaking and touching each other. Greet in other ways like ‘Namaste’.

4. Putting on a mask is a must

Whether you’re going out or someone is coming to your place, never forget to put on your mask. Never remove your mask until you’re in a gathering.

5. Surprise your loved ones

Find innovative ways to send greetings and gifts to your loved ones at their doorsteps. One can plan for digital surprises like LIVE music night on a video call, personal radio show, celebrity wishes, etc. to make the celebration more memorable for your guests.

6. Consume the Vitamin C Rich diet

Try to consume fruit which is rich in vitamin C, magnesium and omega fatty acids. These nutrients help to strengthen the overall immunity of the body.

7.      Cook at Home

Bring the sweetness this Diwali while making homemade sweets. Avoid consuming eatables from outside and enjoy the richness of food at home.

8.       Go digital

Festivity is all about togetherness and strengthening bonds. People staying away from their family and loved ones who are not able to travel due to COVID-19 led restrictions should connect digitally

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