4 Ways to Increase Oxygen Level in Body at Home

  • 24 months ago
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4 Ways to Increase Oxygen Level in Body at Home

Covid patients have a very low oxygen level due to the damage caused by coronavirus on red blood cells in the body. The virus can badly affect your heart, lungs and, muscles.

According to a study, treatments such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Packed Red Blood Cell (PRBC) transfusions, or Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent (ESA) therapy are proposed to increase oxygenation of tissues than using respiratory and ventilator treatments for serious patients in the hospital.

But how do you get in the knowledge area of what your oxygen levels are if you are not in a hospital, what can be done to increase the oxygen if it falls below the required level? What if you are isolating yourself at home? Are there any exercises that can be done from home? How to increase oxygen level in covid patient?

Indeed there are! Let’s see what an individual can do.

Oximeters to Measure Oxygen Level in Covid Patients

A person can’t always go to hospital, especially during the deadly pandemic where people are finding ways to take care of themselves right from home. This is where oximeters play an important role in helping people to monitor their oxygen levels and suspect the symptoms before any medical intervention.

The device is attached to the end of the finger, and the light beams that emit from the device measure blood oxygen levels based on the absorption.

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#1 Body Positioning/Prone Positioning

One of the most effective ways to tackle the sudden decrease in oxygen levels in body positioning. Covid patients are at an equal risk of breathlessness as patients having respiratory issues and in second wave of corona, these issues seem to have increased causing further worries.

Many hospitals have started putting patients in a prone position, making them move to their front as they started having difficulties in breathing.

How to do it?

Prone position simply means instructing the patient to get laid on the stomach so that the blood reaches different parts of the lungs and quickly reaches other organs too.

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#2 Corner Pec Stretch/Chest Wall Stretching

This exercise improves lung capacity, helps in removing the blockages and sends an adequate amount of oxygen to your brain.

How to do it?
Start in a standing, erect situation at the doorway. With elbows twisted, place your lower arms on the sides of the entryway at a 90-degree point from your sides. Move forward until you feel a stretch in the front of your shoulders. Redo this stretch with your arms at a 120-degree point. Perform for 30-60 seconds, various times a day.

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#3 The 90/90 Breathing Exercise Or Hip Lift

An amazing exercise to improve your breathing if you are facing any respiratory problems. This technique restores the muscle strength -- including the diaphragm, pelvic floor, obliques, transverse abdominis.

How to do it?
Put one of your hands on the stomach belly and another on your chest. Lie down on the floor and place your feet on the chair. Put one of your hands on the stomach belly and another on your chest. Take a deep breath and let your stomach get filled with air. At that point breathe out and repeat the process.

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#4 Quadruped Breathing/Quadruped Diagonals

How to do it?

Start down on the ground with your back straight. Round your back up towards the roof as you breathe out completely. Take a pause of 3 seconds in that position and inhale while returning to the normal position. Repeat 10 times.

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EAT MORE OF GREENS - Green vegetables and juices are rich in vitamins and minerals which oxygenate your body and help aid breathing issues.

MAINTAIN AN IRON RICH DIET- Iron-rich foods such as meats, poultry, fish, and legumes are rich in iron which in turn improves blood oxygen levels.

REDUCE SALT- Boost your oxygen levels by cutting this white poison from your diet. It keeps your kidney and heart healthy.

INCREASE WATER INTAKE- By increasing your water intake, you can increase the oxygen in your body because that’s what it mostly consists of.

Take a Deep Breath Before You Panic .....

Prioritize your health before anything else! Not just Covid patients but everyone on this planet needs to have proper oxygen levels. Following a set of exercises and having a healthy diet can help. Here at The Wellness Corner, we have certified experts with us to help you with each of your problems. So, before having an anxiety attack or getting puzzled up between the set of Covid events, take a deep breath, relax and know that we are there for you. Worrying recklessly won’t give you any result but working on yourself definitely will.

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