Stubborn Post-Pregnancy Weight? Adopt These Lifestyle Changes to Reduce It

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Stubborn Post-Pregnancy Weight? Adopt These Lifestyle Changes to Reduce It

After you deliver your baby, there are still a lot of things you need to take care of as a mother. It can be feeding the baby, taking proper care of its needs and requirements, or how to lose stubborn weight post-pregnancy.

Weight loss tops the list here. Most new mothers wonder how to do that in the right and most healthy way.

About five to six kilos of weight already goes away after giving birth to the baby. The lost weight includes the weight of the baby, placenta, and amniotic fluid. And with the right diet and wise eating, you will begin to lose the extra leftover weight, at least around 500 grams a week. The progress will be slow but surely worth it.

But you must not focus or push yourself hard toward losing weight. It is always better to follow a healthy lifestyle that will eventually contribute to and help you get back your pre-pregnancy body.

What is the right time to start the weight loss journey after childbirth?

You must plan to return to your pre-pregnancy weight by about six to twelve months of delivery. According to the doctors, it is better to approach weight loss after pregnancy carefully, keeping all precautions in mind. Experts say women lose most of their gained weight after six months or a year of giving birth to the baby.

But remember, neither everybody’s body is the same, nor will their weight losing journeys be.

  • You must begin with gentle exercises after giving birth if you had a normal delivery.
  • In case you had a Caesarean section or a complicated delivery, it is better to start even slower with your exercise.

Adapting a gradual approach to your weight loss journey after pregnancy is the trick for you.

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Healthy lifestyle changes to lose weight easily after pregnancy

For most women, the arrival of a baby can be a joyful time but with some mixed emotions. These emotions can be related to the ongoing changes in their bodies post-pregnancy. Questions about losing weight as soon as possible or getting in shape, etc., surround their minds. So here are a few healthy lifestyle changes to adopt for a healthy postpartum weight loss.

A Daily Exercise Routine

So the right way to prepare your body for an exercise routine after pregnancy is to relax the muscles during the recovery period. It is the first thirty to forty days of giving birth. Exercise combined with a perfectly balanced diet is the elixir for post-partum weight loss.

  • Women with weight training experience can easily go back to their normal weight. Their midriff muscles go back to their normal shape in less time.
  • If you had a normal delivery, begin with some light exercise after about forty days of delivery.
  • If you had undergone the Cesarean treatment, your body might take a longer time to repair. You can begin to exercise after at least three months on average.

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Do Not Diet

If you deprive yourself of your favorite foods you have been craving all the time for weight loss after pregnancy, you might see reverse results. That is weight gain. Instead of dieting, keep some energy-packed snacks by your side to prevent you from feeling hungry. Wheat crackers, nuts, fruits, etc., can help.

No matter what your target is while losing weight post-pregnancy do not go down to 1800 calories, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Inculcate Fiber-Rich Food in Your Diet

Fiber-rich foods help a lot in weight loss around the stomach specifically. Fiber-rich foods consist of dietary fibers that our body can not break or digest. That means you will feel full for a long time without really adding extra calories.

Get Enough Rest

We understand getting adequate rest with a newborn can be a little tough. But without any rest, weight management post-pregnancy might not work the right way for you.

You can: -

  • Ask your family members or friends to take care of the baby while you take a nap.
  • Reduce caffeine consumption. It affects your sleep pattern negatively.
  • Put the crib near your bed. That will help you take care of the baby at night with ease.
  • Try to sleep while your baby is sleeping.

Relax Your Mind

Do not stress. If you are a new parent, we understand you will go through a lot of stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. New mothers can go through sleep deprivation, anxiety, and even postpartum depression due to weight gain, less time for themselves, and many other reasons.

Too much stress means the efforts you have put into exercising will go in vain. So, the key to a successful weight loss after pregnancy with taking care of your mental health is making small changes for the long road. If you feel too overwhelmed with all these things, it is better to ask for help. Talk to your husband, loved ones, or the best, consult a doctor.


Losing weight might seem complicated at first, especially when it is the post-regnancy weight. But if you adopt and follow the above-mentioned changes and tips post-pregnancy, you can get back in shape in a much faster and healthy way.

The secret to a healthy and fit body after pregnancy is a healthy lifestyle and diet, including fibrous and protein-rich food. One thing you must remember is to be gentle with yourself and the changes taking place in your body after pregnancy because it is normal.

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