Does Listening to Music Boost Productivity?

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Does Listening to Music Boost Productivity?

For some people, music is an escape from sadness; for others, music means party, dance, and drinks. However, quite recently individuals have also linked music with improved work productivity. But is that true? If you have this question on your mind, read along.

This blog will help you determine whether music helps boost productivity and if it does how. So, read in full.

Does Listening to Music Boost Productivity?

While some people feel distracted when they listen to music at work, some say that music helps them work better. Even a study reported that listening to music helped improve work productivity and cognition in older adults. You just need to choose the right type of music.

Ways Music Can Make Employees More Productive

Now, the question arises of how exactly music works to enhance a person's productivity or boost the mood, right? Here are some fascinating facts that’ll help you understand the impact of music on a person's psychic.

1. Music Enhances Memory

It is scientifically proven that music has the power to stimulate the "hippocampus region of the brain." The function of this part of the brain is to recall and control memory. This simply meant music improves memory which is quite important for work.

2. Music Helps In Keeping Employees Attentive & Focused

Music and work productivity go hand-in-hand. Recent research has revealed that "88% of people who listened to music performed better at work." Their performance was noted to be more accurate and efficient for those who didn't listen to music while working.

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3. Music Mitigates Stress & Anxiety

Many people have claimed that when they listen to music at work, they feel much less stressed. It’s the reason several offices have installed music systems that play soothing music at low volume. In this manner, music not only helps boost work productivity but also assists people in managing their anxiety or stress levels.

4. Music Makes People Feel Happier In the Workplace

Another survey stated that 61% of the people who enjoy listening to music at the workplace are much happier not only in the workplace but in general life as well.

5. Music Is A Source Of Physical Energy As Well

For tasks that require ample physical energy, fast music can help you achieve it. Upbeat music is the best way to complete a physical task that calls for too much energy. Music's limitless power to keep a person fresh and energetic even after completing the task is quite commendable.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS with soothing music can help you relax and the benefits linked with these meditations are limitless.


Choosing The Right Music That Can Increase Your Productivity 

If you think any type of music on any occasion will help you boost productivity, you’re wrong. It’s because every task requires different intensity and level of concertation. Therefore, you should choose the right type of music for the right tasks for better productivity. Here’s what you can do:

  • Tasks Requiring a Lot of Focus

If you’re studying or doing something that requires focus, go for instrumental music. It’s because music with lyrics might distract you.

  • Tasks that Require Energy

In this case, you can go for upbeat songs and avoid instrumental ones.

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Does Music Have an Impact on Job Satisfaction? 

Let's find it out what the recent studies have to say:

Music Upgrades Employee Performance

The latest research by CBS news unraveled that about 90% of surveyed employees observed themselves improving their work and efficiency while listening to music, especially during office hours. This hence speaks volumes that music is a reliable way to improve the work efficiency of the employees.

If listening to music doesn't seem to be able to transform your feelings from 'anxious' to 'calm'; consult a psychologist on The Wellness Corner for expert guidance.


Music Motivates an Individual

It has been observed that the more exciting music employees get to hear in the office, the more excited they get to come to the office. The immense pride one takes in a job thus motivates one to give his best possible performance at work.

This phenomenon does not let the monotonous work environment creep in. Hence, one can say that music has also contributed to the work wellness of individuals time and again. Music and work productivity, when blended together, bring amazing results.

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Music Encourages Comradeship

[Comradeship- noun: The company and friendship of others with common aims.]

Music has always been known to bring people together. This, in turn, helps employees in the office get along better and induces the feeling of oneness. When music is played in a common room, the shared experience among employees builds the foundation of better team-building, friendship, and more.

So, yes, music does impact job satisfaction.


All the factors mentioned above collectively point out that music plays a vital role in increasing work productivity at the workplace. Music has healing powers and can help people improve their mood, reduce stress, and enhance productivity.

So, next time you feel less motivated or underconfident, turn up your favorite music and watch yourself feeling better in just a few minutes.

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