Paying Odd Visits to Refrigerator? Tips to Avoid Midnight Snacking

  • 19 months ago
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Paying Odd Visits to Refrigerator? Tips to Avoid Midnight Snacking

Does your Health Expert advise you to have an early and light dinner but you think following the same is next to impossible? Are you one of those whose stomach growls as the clock ticks 12? Do not worry! You are no different from others. Many of us go through the same most of the time.

A few tips to cut down on late night snacking...

Have Set Meal Timing: Stick to your meal timings regularly and maintain them constantly. Avoid skipping meals as that may be the cause of your hungers pangs. Avoid snacking out of routine, consciously stop yourself. Also, don't cut the calorie intake so low that you end up starving at night.

Get Your Fluids Right: The most often overlooked part is water intake which can satisfy midnight craving. A glass of warm skimmed milk will leave you relaxed and ready to get a good night's sleep and also help you feel full. Avoid caffeinated drinks as too much of caffeine can hamper your sleep.

Follow Table manners: Limit all eating to the kitchen or dining room, and always eat while sitting down at the dining table. This makes a huge different in avoiding mindless munching in front of the television/computer. Avoid talking too much on the table, eat slowly and enjoy the taste of your food. Give your brain15 to 20 minutes to get the signal that you have had enough.

Distract Yourself: If you are bored, try listening to some soothing music or read a book. In time, you'll be able to sleep soundly without being disrupted. Also have a good sleep routine. Don't expect overnight results but small changes can slowly make big differences.

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Switch to Healthy Munchies: Now comes the part where you are still hungry- satiate your cravings with healthy snacks. Choose foods such as a handful of veggies, or a piece of fruit, homemade popcorn, a glass of milk, low fat yogurt, etc. Avoid desserts high in sugars. Foods high in sugar create a spike in your sugar levels eventually leading to a sugar crash which makes you hungrier.

Brushing Your Teeth: Brushing your teeth after a meal is crucial to avoid tooth decay. Added bonus to this strategy is that toothpaste tends to make foods taste bad and hinders your desire for late night munching.

Diet Plan

Avoiding a midnight snack not only helps you to maintain or lose weight, but also helps you to have a healthy eating habit. Be sure you eat well throughout the day. If your midnight snacks are part of an eating disorder or other health condition, seek help right away! If you are not sure of your meal plan talk to your dietitian.

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