Should You Really Begin Your Day With A Cup Of Tea/Coffee?

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Should You Really Begin Your Day With A Cup Of Tea/Coffee?

Who doesn’t love a sweet and piping hot cup of bed tea/coffee in the morning? It refreshes you, prepares you for the day, and of course, pushes your laziness away. Unfortunately, starting your day with a cup of tea/coffee may not be the best idea. Why? Read along.

This blog talks about how drinking tea/coffee empty stomach in the morning impacts your body. In addition to that, you’ll learn about the right time to consume tea/coffee, along with some amazing and healthy swaps for tea/coffee.

How Does Consuming Tea or Coffee First Thing in the Morning Impact your Body?

  1. May Impact Your Metabolism Negatively
  2. May Cause Dehydration
  3. May Lead to Bloating
  4. May Lead to Tooth Erosion
  5. May Impact your Diet

May Impact Your Metabolism Negatively

Your stomach maintains a perfect acid-base balance for better metabolism. However, as tea and coffee are acidic in nature, consuming them on an empty stomach can disrupt this balance leading to indigestion and poor metabolism.

Is Your Digestive System Healthy

May Cause Dehydration 

Your body is already deprived of food and water while you’re asleep. And consuming tea first thing in the morning will only make things worse. It’s because tea acts as a diuretic that removes water from your body.

What’s more, coffee is known to show similar properties. Research says that coffee with higher caffeine content can exhibit a short-term diuretic effect. Also, caffeine in coffee promotes more urination, which again leads to dehydration. Therefore, you must avoid tea/coffee first thing in the morning.

May Lead to Bloating

While consuming black tea/coffee is always an option, Indians like to add a considerable amount of milk. And this milk, because of the high lactose content, can impact your gut negatively, leading to constipation or bloating. Also, the acidic content of tea/coffee sometimes leads to gas and bloating.

May Lead to Tooth Erosion

Tea and coffee contain a considerable amount of sugar. And when you consume them first thing in the morning, bacteria in your mouth break this sugar down, adding to the already acidic nature of tea/coffee. This increased acidic nature can impact your teeth negatively, leading to tooth decay/erosion.

May Impact your Diet

Drinking tea/coffee 1st thing in the morning can make you feel full for a long. You may even want to miss the most important meal of the day: breakfast. And this can deprive your body of important nutrients that can lead to slower metabolism, gastric issues, indigestion, and fatigue.

Diet Plan

This is how consuming tea/coffee first thing in the morning impacts your body. So, does that mean you should avoid tea/coffee completely? Well, if you can, you should go for that. However, if you cannot, you can consume tea/coffee at other times of the day. When? Read along to find out.

What’s the Best Time to Drink Tea/Coffee?

The ideal time to consume tea/coffee is around 1-2 hours after having a meal. Also, you can go for a piping hot cup of tea/coffee in the morning, but make sure you are not empty stomach. Furthermore, sipping tea or coffee in the evening with snacks is also a good idea.

However, make sure to avoid tea/coffee just before you go to bed. Otherwise, the caffeine might disrupt your sleep cycle.

Want to know about some healthy morning drinks that can act as healthy swaps for tea/coffee? Read along.

Healthy Swaps for Tea/Coffee to Start your Day With

Here’s what you can try instead of tea/coffee the moment you wake up:

  • Warm Lemon Water: Squeeze a few drops of lemon into a glass of warm water and add a pinch of black pepper along with salt. Enjoy this warm beverage and experience better immunity along with weight loss. If looking forward to a chilled drink, you can also try cool cucumber lemon mint ice tea.
  • Giloy or Amla Juice: If you want to enhance your immunity, amla or giloy juice can help. You can add some honey to improve the flavor of this beverage.
  • Fennel Seeds Water: Soak some fennel seeds overnight in water. In the morning, strain all the water, warm it a bit, and sip it slowly. This will help you improve your eyesight, purify your improve your digestive health, reduce acidity and bloating, and control your cholesterol.
  • Matcha Green Tea: Matcha tea is one of the best healthy swaps for tea/coffee. It’s known to be 10 times more powerful than regular green tea and offers several benefits such as better digestion, energy, detoxification, etc. So, you can opt for Matcha Green Tea instead of tea/coffee first thing in the morning.



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Wrapping Up

While a cup of tea/coffee first thing in the morning might satisfy your tastebuds or make you active, it’s not healthy at all. Therefore, it’s recommended that you avoid consuming these beverages on an empty stomach in the morning.

Instead, you can go for healthy morning drinks as mentioned above and enjoy super cool benefits along with overall good health.

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