Your Body Is Eliminating Toxins 24/7-Are You Supporting Its Needs?

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Your Body Is Eliminating Toxins 24/7-Are You Supporting Its Needs?

Eliminating toxins or detoxification is an automatic process that your body handles. However, by opting for some healthy habits, you can help your body eliminate toxins in a more effective fashion. Want to know how? Read along.

This blog talks about how detoxification works in your body and what you can do to support your body to detoxify better.

What Does Daily Detoxification in Your Body Look Like?

The daily detoxification majorly entails purifying the blood by eliminating impurities in the liver, from which toxins are removed. Toxins can be waste products, such as carbon dioxide, that our bodies produce naturally.

While your kidneys and liver are primary detoxification organs, there are additional detox pathways in your body, such as your skin, digestive, and lymphatic systems. Each of these organs or body parts plays a crucial role in detoxification. Here's what their role looks like:

  • Liver: The liver is responsible for clearing toxins produced by our bodies as a result of normal metabolism. It also aids in the removal of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, cholesterol, hormones, and external toxins such as alcohol and chemicals from our bodies.
  • Kidneys: Kidneys regulate fluid and electrolyte balance and keep our bodies in check. This is required for maintaining the pH balance in the body, allowing your cells to function, and controlling blood pressure.
  • Lymphatic System: The Lymphatic System's main function is to carry white blood cells (also called lymphocytes) that help fight infections & protect the body from harmful toxins.
  • Digestive Tract: The digestive tract assists in the elimination of substances such as heavy metals, chemicals, and excess hormones. It also encourages the growth of healthy gut bacteria while limiting the excess of harmful bacteria and yeast.
  • Skin: The skin is a barrier to keep bacteria, viruses, and chemical toxins out of our bodies. Sweating is another way that the skin facilitates the detoxification process.

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Does Your Body Need Help Detoxing?

Sometimes, your body may require help in detoxification. While your body detoxes naturally, some healthy habits can prepare your body to detox in a more effective manner. But how can you help your body's natural detoxification process? Read along to find out.

How can You Support the Natural Detoxification Process?

Here's how:

  • Healthy Food Means Healthy You
  • Hydration is your Mantra
  • Give a Thumbs Down to Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Get your Beauty Sleep
  • Go Natural

Healthy Food Means Healthy You

Your diet decides a lot when it comes to detoxification.

Add high-fiber and antioxidant-rich foods to your meal plan to support your body's natural detoxification process. In addition, eating your fair share of greens, vegetables, berries, nuts, and lentils can give your body enough strength to detoxify itself.

Similarly, limiting your sugar intake and eliminating highly processed foods from your diet can make your kidneys, liver, and digestive tract super detoxifiers.

Diet Plan

Hydration is your Mantra

Staying hydrated will flush out the excess toxins from your body, aiding the overall detoxification process. You can also make hydration a fun habit by adding cucumber, ginger, lemon, or chia seeds to your water.

Give a Thumbs Down to Alcohol & Tobacco

Both alcohol and tobacco add pressure to various detox pathways in your body. With an excess of these two elements, your body may not be able to get adequately detoxed, which could lead to fatal diseases and lessened detoxification strength.

Get your Beauty Sleep

It is a known fact that sleep helps in flushing out toxins in your body. Thus, it is a healthy and easy way to add to your detoxification process. An adult should get between 7 to 9 hours of good sleep.

Go Natural

By choosing natural and organic care products, you limit your exposure to harmful chemicals. Aid your detox by picking moisturizers, deodorants, soaps, creams, and other personal products that are derived from natural ingredients and are less processed.

Support your Body's Natural Detoxification Process via Superfoods

Here are some superfoods that can support your body's natural detoxification process:

  • Beetroot
  • Ginger
  • Artichoke
  • Lemon
  • Cabbage
  • Green Tea
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Brown Rice

Other ways to remove toxins from the body naturally are:

  • Participating in exercise or regular movements such as Yoga or cardio.
  • Practicing Hydrotherapy which uses water to promote good health.
  • Indulging in sauna sessions to sweat out toxins.
  • Decreasing salt intake.
  • Avoiding packaged drinks.
  • Try Chlorella, an alga that has many nutritional benefits.
  • Eating foods high in sulfur, such as onions, chickpeas, eggs, and oats.


Think of your body care as an everyday self-care ritual. As you begin to form good habits that support your health and detoxification, you will see significant changes within your body.

Make healthy eating, hydrating and deliberate care a part of your routine to not only fully manifest its benefits but also to love and care for your body.

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