The Bitter Truth Of Slimming Centers

  • 6 months ago
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The Bitter Truth Of Slimming Centers

Slimming centers were not known to people a few decades back. Today there are plenty of them popping up like mushrooms pop out during rainy season. And, a person who wants to lose weight can easily get carried away from the advertisements these centers show with the amazing ‘before-after' pictures, toned bodies, flat tummies, and so on.

Here are a few popular claims of slimming centers and the realities to bust those myths.

Claim 1: Spot reductions is a thing

Claim: Some of these centers claim that you can lose around 8 to 10 kilos in 15 days by only attending their sessions, without exercise and diet. They also claim of providing spot reductions for problem areas in the body like abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, and chin.

Reality: It has been proved by various studies that losing more than 3 to 4 kilos a month is harmful to health. Losing weight gradually by following a healthy diet and exercise regimen is the best proven way of weight loss. Moreover, there is nothing called as spot reduction. You cannot lose weight only from one part of the body; you can only lose your overall weight. So when you do lose your overall weight, you will definitely lose weight from the bulkier areas like abdomen, thighs, and arms. Genetics plays a role in the fat distribution which cannot be altered through ‘spot reduction'.

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Claim 2: Fat-burning machines work

Claim: Most slimming centers use the so called ‘fat-burning machines' where they wrap you with steam belts or some leather pads. When these machines are on work, you will feel a sense of heat, vibration, or tapping. As explained by these centers, these machines help in breaking down the fat in the body and these fats once broken down, move out of the body through lymph nodes.

Reality: This is absolutely wrong and there is no scientific basis for these fat-burning methods.

Claim 3: Cellulite gel helps in burning fat when applied on the specific area

Claim: Some of these centers also use products called cellulite gel, cellulite oil, or cellulite cream, which are sold at ten times or more of their cost price. The explanation given is- "cellulite is different from ordinary fat, which cannot be tackled with exercise or diets alone and needs special care. It is made up of fat, waste materials, water that's trapped between fibrous tissues just beneath the skin surface."

Reality: This is again wrong information without a scientific basis. There is no treatment for cellulite in the body.

Some of these centers fool customers by using Isabgol (plant-based fiber used to treat constipation) with water to make a gel-like substance calling it cellulite gel and claim that it helps in burning fat when applied on the specific area.

They also mix a different combination of aroma oils to refined oil and call it cellulite oil. This is unfair to people who are already emotionally hassled due to excess weight and other health issues. How can fat burning be so simple? No such cellulite cream/oil/gel will help in burning fat or losing weight just by applying it externally on the problem areas of the body.

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The Ultimate Truth: No Pain, No Gain

If losing weight was so simple, then anybody could lose weight just by using these products. If that happened, we could say "All Gain without Any Pain". If it was so easy, then 30 million Indians would not be overweight- statistics as revealed by National Family Health Survey.

The only positive side to shelling out so much money on weight loss is that once you register you would probably be more motivated to lose weight.

Final Words

Even if you lose weight with the help of these slimming centers, it might not be permanent weight loss. The best and the safest method to lose weight is by following a healthy well-balanced diet and regular exercise. Hence, if you plan to lose weight, it is very important that you choose a reliable and safe method which does not lead to any further health problems or side effects. Be a smart consumer and choose the right path!

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