The link between sleep and emotions

  • 65 Months ago
The link between sleep and emotions

You may now know from personal experience that sleep affects physiological, mental, and emotional states. Sleeplessness may also increase the risk of developing mood disorders like anxiety and depression. On the other hand., a good night’s sleep does offer a number of health benefits too. Here are a few listed:

  • Beats depression

Good sleep is a great mood lifter. It helps to calm down the mind and cope with anxiety. People who sleep well also tend to be more emotionally stable as opposed to poor sleepers.

  • Drives away the blues

Irritability is a major side-effect of poor sleep. When your body fails to achieve the required amount of sleep, it tries to compensate for it during the day. And when napping during the day isn’t possible, it leads up to feelings of irritability. Irritability causes a mental block that restricts the creative juices from flowing. It also affects judgment and rational thinking.

  • Improves sex life

When the body is tired, it doesn’t want to do anything other than go straight to bed. Poor sleeping habits in the long run can affect sexual drive as well. The solution: better sleep for better sex!

  • Maintains your figure & adds to your Confidence

Poor sleep not only results in a sluggish body, but a sluggish metabolism as well. To top it off, high irritability and stress can cause you to bend towards emotional eating, ultimately leading to weight gain. It is important to know that the body is burning calories even as you sleep. So jump into bed right away if you want to get closer to achieving your dream figure.

  • Makes you attractive & makes you happy

Now this is simple! Ever noticed those tiny bags that appear under your eyes after trying to pull an all-nighter? Do you find them attractive? Obviously not! The culprit here is elevated cortisol levels. Cortisol weakens the growth hormone and puts aging on the fast track. Alternatively, good sleep makes those tiny bags disappear. People who get more shut eye also show fewer aging symptoms and lesser wrinkling both of which contribute to a healthy, attractive look.

Sleep is crucial to health. The link between emotions and sleep are bidirectional, meaning that poor sleep may affect emotional wellbeing and emotions may lead to poor quality of sleep. Therefore, it is crucial to manage sleep well in order to manage emotions effectively.