Tips To Ensure Well Being Of Your Aging Parents During The Pandemic

  • 29 months ago
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Tips To Ensure Well Being Of Your Aging Parents During The Pandemic

India is trying to recover from the second wave of COVID-19 and executing an aggressive vaccination process to prevent the nation from the third wave. As per the study of several reports, the elderly tend to face more health risks from the COVID-19 due to their weak immune system and existing diseases. Henceforth, this has become more important for the young generation to take care of their family's older ones. Getting older can bring along many health challenges.

Despite those staying indoors and strict outdoor guidelines, there are several things that you are required to undertake to prevent them from infection of COVID-19. Our health experts researched and listed a few tips that you can use to take care of the elderly in this global pandemic.

Elder-Care Tips During Pandemic

Super senior citizens or senior citizens handle their daily life chores at their own pace. As the ongoing pandemic condition has brought drastic changes in everyone's life, it's indispensable to rearrange their routine concerning their physical and mental health. Here are listed some tips that you can follow to ensure proper care of your aging parents:

#1. Be Respectful: Elders in the house require proper treatment with dignity and respect. Try to acknowledge their needs and communicate with them to understand their requirements. Know the difference between reacting and responding. Don't try to refrain them from new changes and introduce them to new living criteria to maintain a healthy lifestyle during this pandemic.

#2. Follow The Rules: Lockdown guidelines and social distancing are vital to follow for those who have senior citizens at their house. To prevent transmission, avoid sending the children (as they are at high risk too) and elderly out to fetch the essentials.

#3. Communicate General Guidelines: Ensure to explain basic precautionary measures to senior citizens. Communicate with them the necessity of washing hands and using sanitizer. Ask them to not touch their eyes and face while maintaining basic hygiene. In case they are believing specific myths regarding COVID-19, educate them the facts with proper evidence.

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#4. Prefer Telemedicine: Super senior citizens or senior citizens mostly have their doctor visits on a monthly or weekly basis. Resort to technology to assist them in speaking to the doctors while staying at home.

#5. Stock-Up Medicine: Dependence on medicine for elderlies is common. Ensure to stock up the required medicine to avoid panic buying problems. Also, make sure to check the expiry date to prevent further health complications.

#6. Avoid Social Isolation: Complete social isolation can be difficult for elderlies as they are used to a certain type of lifestyle, social gathering, etc. Help them in connecting with their friends or relatives via audio or video call to keep them happy.

#7. Ensure Nutrition, Rest, & Activities: Lockdown can affect these basic essentials of an individual, however, it can majorly impact the senior citizen's health. Ensure they perform some sort of workout or yoga practice and have an adequate amount of sleep. Add required nutrients, right oil, fruits, and vegetables to their meal.

#8. Enjoy Recreational Practices: Engage the kids and seniors of your house in board games, card, carrom, chess, or UNO, etc., to keep their minds active. Don't let the lockdown condition negatively impact their living standards.

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Taking care of the elderly needs extra care and attention, therefore, it is essential to follow the guidelines strictly. Make sure they get both the doses of Covid-19 vaccine. If you observe any slightest change in their health, consult with verified doctors virtually with The Wellness Corner. Create a personalized meal plan for them to improve their immunity with our expert dietitian virtually. Add yoga routine to their daily practices, accessing our yoga corner archive from Wellness TV.

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