Feeling Drained After COVID-19? Here Is Your Fast-Recovery Guide!

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Feeling Drained After COVID-19? Here Is Your Fast-Recovery Guide!

Feeling extreme exhaustion and weak muscles is nothing other than the devastating fatigue post COVID-19 recovery. The SARS-CoV-2 has crippled the entire world and is breaking down people psychologically and physically. While there are many after-effects of covid-19 infections, post covid fatigue is a persistent side-effect, irrespective of the intensity of the disease.

As you read this article, you will get acquainted with a few easy ways to manage the fatigue that has been troubling you after COVID-19 recovery.

Science Behind Post-COVID-19 Fatigue

After the long haul with the virus, as you recover, why are you still worn out? Here are the probable reasons for feeling tired after COVID-19 recovery:

●     The COVID-19 infection affects your lungs to manifest pneumonia-like symptoms. Medical conditions such as pneumonia make you weak for several days after the infection has subsided.

●     Scientific studies indicate a pooling of toxic material in the brain’s fluid during the infection that results in conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome.

●     A similar study indicates that inflammatory chemicals enter your brain, disrupting your sleep cycle and causing fatigue.

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7 Tips to Ensure Rapid Post-Covid-19 Recovery

You have been through a lot, and it is obvious to feel depressed. The work stress post COVID-19 recovery and high anxiety levels keep adding to your exhaustion regardless of enough rest or a night’s sleep. These fatigue symptoms hang on for a few weeks or months. A few tips discussed below could help you manage your fatigue levels:

#1 Watch What You Eat

A balanced diet and hydration are vital for staying healthy during and after you recover from COVID-19. Eat well to manage your fatigue, and other effects post COVID-19 recovery:

●     Eat only home-cooked food; avoid dining out in restaurants.

●     Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, and don’t binge on high sugar food.  Avoid overcooking to preserve the vitamins and minerals they hold.

●     Increase your fluid intake. Add lemon juice and fresh fruit juice to your diet. This will help you to flush out the toxins from the body and stay hydrated.

●     Use unsaturated fatty acids like olive oil, sunflower oil for cooking instead of butter or ghee. Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and D from foods or supplements can help get energy. Coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ10) is well-known to reduce post-viral fatigue.

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#2 A Good Night Sleep

The virus disrupts your sleep/wake cycle through different mechanisms. Despite this, try to sleep well. Drink warm turmeric milk before going to bed. Tryptophan and melatonin in milk help you fall asleep!

#3 Stay Active and Positive

Do mild to moderate exercise. Loss of activity will make you sluggish. It’s very important that you do lung exercises to strengthen your lung muscles and increase lung capacity.

#4 Practice relaxation techniques

Yoga sessions, breathing exercises, tai chi, and aromatherapy are relaxing and rejuvenating. Relaxation will calm your mind and manage your fatigue.

#5 Prioritise your work and share the responsibilities

Make a to-do list with the most and the least essential tags. Execute them in the order you tag them. You don’t have to be everywhere. Delegate your work. Ask others in the family to share domestic chores.

#6 Socialise and stay motivated

It’s not a mind game; your fatigue is real! Remember, your body never lies. If it gives up, listen to it. Talk to your family, relatives, friends, and colleagues about how weakness is troubling you, although it seems invisible.

#7 Plan ahead and maintain a diary

Do not get torn between responsibilities; plan your day. Keep a record of how you spent the day. That can be relaxing.

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Post viral fatigue is common. With these simple hacks, you can manage your post COVID-19 fatigue. Talk to a psychologist to deal with the stress. A physiotherapist will help you gain your strength, while a dietician will chalk out a balanced diet for you. Relax, stay hydrated, eat well, and you will beat the fatigue soon. Consult with a dietician and fitness trainer using The Wellness Corner app to get a companion who can guide you throughout your recovery journey.

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