Transforming FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) To JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out)

  • 24 months ago
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Transforming FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) To JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out)

It's time to proclaim a winner in the FOMO vs. JOMO match. Okay, for those of you who had no clue there was a battle going on or even what these two abbreviations meant, read along. FOMO stands for "fear of missing out," while JOMO stands for "joy of missing out."

While the two have been sparring in our social brain after what seemed like a millennium, in recent times, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok have taken the conflict to a whole new level. The right way to deal with it is to turn off the FOMO and cherish the JOMO.

Battle of FOMO v/s JOMO

JOMO means Joy of Missing Out, which means enjoying what you're doing in the present now without caring about what others are doing. JOMO is a social phenomenon that develops as a reaction to FOMO, or the Dread of Missing Out, or the fright of being "out of the loop," such as not being the "coolest."

FOMO stands for fear of missing out. Assume you're at home on a Saturday night, watching a movie you've been meaning to see for ages. But then you look at your smartphone and find that a buddy posted on Instagram about their lunch at a trendy restaurant. Another is blogging about the recent adventure they saw... And your strategy suddenly doesn't look so good. And that is what you call FOMO.

Elaborating FOMO and JOMO

FOMO is not a new phenomenon; we've all gone out at some point because we were terrified of losing out on something important. However, it has been worsened by social media and technology.

JOMO asks you to let go of all of that, to stop pestering yourself every minute about what's going on outside even if it doesn't appeal to you. It has a hint of consciousness, of being present in the moment, of focusing your five senses on what you are doing rather than snooping on what others are doing through the keyhole that social media provides.

Because there will always be things better to do, however, the important thing to do is to accept this and understand that there's so much to appreciate in every scenario you find yourself in.

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Ways to Overcome FOMO

FOMO affects a growing segment of the population, causing them to either overcommit and fail to satisfy many of their commitments or to avoid agreements as much as feasible.

We've put up a list of activities to help you overcome FOMO and improve the individual's quality of life and your total well-being.

Take it easy

  • Most of us move faster than is required for our best interests. Learn to accept your leisure while eating, driving, conversing, making love, or performing daily duties. To support yourself, it can be beneficial to put reminders of this intention in visible places.

Use judgment to identify what is essential

  • Identify what is crucial from what is simply pleasant. Also, reject some of the activities that do not add to the enrichment of your experience of life.

Be prepared to say "no" to more situations

  • This will free up more time for you to devote to more deeply fulfilling experiences and managing emotions.

Be prepared to not get it all

  • The resources available are limited. However, desires are limitless. Accepting the fundamental futility of attempting to satisfy every desire is far smarter than satisfying all of your desires for fulfillment. Prioritizing certain activities allows you to leave others to go.

Mindfulness should be practiced

  • Rather than racing after an illusion of pleasure, you should cultivate mindfulness—the discipline of being persistent and giving nonjudgmental consciousness to your moment-to-moment experience—and gradually aim for a profound sense of satisfaction with it.

Take pleasure in the process

  • Incorporating these activities into your lifestyle can be viewed as a labor of love and a possibility rather than a sequence of obligations.

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Embrace JOMO

Before you succumb to the digital stream, consider embracing some JOMO - the Joy of Missing Out.

JOMO is an emotionally mature remedy to the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) that many individuals experience these days. It entails routinely unplugging and avoiding shallow online behavior, which can be the answer to completing a critical assignment or getting a new firm off the ground.

Habits that increase JOMO

Here are some effective tips you can use:

Reduce time spent on social media

  • Schedule frequent times when you entirely detach from technology. Disconnect from technology and connect with real people.

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Take some time to reflect on how you spend your time and how it affects you

  • Be honest: Are you doing activities because they make you happy or because you are afraid of missing out?

Spend some time thinking about what is essential to you

  • Spend time on things that elevate your happiness, as well as how you would like to focus your energy.

Including more JOMO in your life can provide you with numerous benefits such as increased harmony, happiness, and pleasure.

What is NEMO?

NEMO is the new FOMO, and while it may sound funny, it makes sense. But what exactly is NEMO? It means Nearly but Not Fully Missing Out. NEMO is a smart self-care mechanism wherein you intentionally limit the time spent on social media. This is done so that you don't end up scrolling the social media feeds and feel jealous.

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Wrapping Up

If you are suffering from FOMO, you aren't alone. It's normal and, fortunately, manageable. So, follow the tips to overcome FOMO and practice JOMO. And within days, you'll start to notice the change.

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