The Role Of Virtual Therapy Sessions In Improving Mental Health

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The Role Of Virtual Therapy Sessions In Improving Mental Health

Poor mental health is similar to a dark tunnel! We know that there is always a shining light in the end. But, due to the lack of exceptional care and a broken healthcare ecosystem, people still struggle in silence. However, virtual therapy sessions have the tremendous potential to improve mental health in an effective and efficient manner.

It is becoming a lifeline for people suffering from mental health concerns across the globe.

But still, not everyone is mindful of the true power of virtual therapy.

That’s the reason, we wrote this blog in order to let individuals become aware of how virtual therapy sessions can support them without any hassle.

First, what is a virtual therapy session?

It is the procedure or approach to providing mental health therapy over a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer using telemedicine or The Wellness Corner app.

Means, patients don’t need to be in the clinic for their mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, eating disorders or any emotional distress.

They can connect via,

  • Video conferencing
  • Chat or email
  • Voice call

This way, patients can avoid the clinical visit with the mental health therapist and get the care they need without stepping out of their residences.

Is it effective in the true sense?

Let’s understand with a simple example.

A person named Maya is suffering from depression.

Here is the entire process of the virtual therapy session.

Step-1: Maya opens the telepsychiatry or virtual therapy app.

Step-2: She books an appointment with the online mental health therapist.

Step-3: The therapist confirms it and connects with her over video conferencing.

Step-4: Maya explains her situation and shares her medical records with a psychiatrist or counselor.

Step-5: The therapist examines Maya’s mental health situation and other health conditions as well.

Step-6: Online therapist gives the ideal mental health therapy session and intervention for the concern discussed.

This entire virtual therapy session is more convenient and affordable.


While in the traditional one,

  • Maya needs to travel long for the therapy session
  • She parks the car
  • Maya has to wait in the waiting room
  • After completing the session, she again has to travel back.

The traditional or live-in-person visit is inconvenient, time-consuming, and costlier.

You can see the clear difference between traditional and modern-age mental health therapy sessions.

In fact, the outcome of online mental health therapy is slightly more compared to traditional one.

But how?

Safety and comfort!

There is no doubt that we feel more relaxed and safer in our homes.

And mental health therapy is all about how a patient feels during the session as it helps the healthcare professional deliver an immaculate and outcome-driven care plan.

That’s the reason, people are now preferring online or virtual therapy sessions to improve their mental health in the most suitable and efficient way and telehealth has played a major role in that.

Top benefits of the virtual therapy session

Here are other reasons that showcase that virtual therapy is truly improving mental health.

#1. Convenient option in the rural areas

It’s not easy to get the ideal mental health care solution in rural areas.

The reason is the poor accessibility of the care as they lack healthcare entities.

As a result, they need to travel long distances for mental health therapy which is time-consuming and costlier at the same time.

But with telemedicine for mental health, people from rural areas can avoid this entire mess with ease.

#2. Peace of mind for people with disabilities or other serious illness

The traditional mental health therapy session is inconvenient for people who are already going through some kind of disability.

With virtual therapy sessions, they can sidestep the hassle of traveling and inconvenience.

#3. Affordable than traditional mental health therapy

The major benefit of virtual health therapy is that it reduces treatment costs.

But how?

First, patients don’t need to travel to the clinic and pay parking rents.

Second, a therapist who offers a virtual care solution takes fewer charges as telemedicine enables them to reduce the operational and administrative costs.

How a virtual mental health app helps in improving the outcome of the therapy?

The Wellness Corner app or telemedicine app is used to perform mental health therapy sessions.

But apart from the above benefits, the app plays a significant role in improving mental health.

  • Patients can track their mood and progress
  • Can schedule an appointment at any time
  • Task management and reminders
  • Allows to explore the various ways such as meditation and music to sustain the ideal mental condition
  • Helps to get the instant mental health support
  • Suggest activities to enhance mental health

That’s the reason the mental health app market is booming right now.

As per Grand View Research, “The global mental health apps market size was valued at USD 5.2 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 17.5 billion in 2030”.

To sum it up

Virtual therapy is experiencing enormous adoption, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and enterprises are taking an interest in virtual healthcare in order to deliver a quality care experience in the true sense.

However, it’s essential to focus on custom healthcare solutions to get the best result out of digital healthcare.

The future of virtual therapy is promising as it is an easily accessible, convenient, and affordable care solution.

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