There are So Many Types of Salt - Here’s an Advice on Picking One

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There are So Many Types of Salt - Here’s an Advice on Picking One

Salt is available in different textures and colors. Sodium and chlorine are the two elements that make up salt. Salt can enhance your cooking experience and make your dishes delectable.

Apart from bringing out the latent food flavors, salt plays a significant role in your health. If you add too much salt to the dishes you are cooking, it can lead to cardiovascular irregularities and high blood pressure.

Even though it is less health-threatening, having salts in larger amounts can lead to water retention. It can make you look dehydrated.

But salt is crucial for our body to function adequately. It maintains regular nerve function and normal heart rhythm. If you don’t consume enough salt, it can lead to complications.

Types of salt

You will find different types of salt in the market. In this article, we are going to take a look at these types. If you are confused as to which one to choose, we will help you out with it.

1] Sea Salt

You derive sea salt from the sea and salty lake waters from various regions across the world. Cooks love its pure and clean taste. Rock salt is a variant of sea salt.

It is available in fine and coarse options. The coarse salt is good for garnishing, but the fine one is good for baking or cooking since it can dissolve easily.

Sea salt is available in black, pink, red, and grey color. The color you choose depends on the price and preference.

When it comes to the health benefits, this salt has traces of sea minerals. It has the same nutritional compounds as found in the superfood seaweed. Usually, sea salts are healthy as they are less refined and don’t contain preservatives.

2] Kosher Salt

You derive Kosher salt from the ground or sea. It dissolves more quickly on the tongue and feels less salty than other salt variants.

Kosher salt might have anticaking agents. However, it can be bought in pure form, too. It is easier to grab Kosher salt in a pinch, and it easily clings to the food. So, it is the favorite of home cooks and chefs.

3] Ground Salt

Ground salt is the most common table salt and the cheapest one available in the market. It is used for seasoning and is available in most home kitchens.

Table salt is the most refined version of ground salt and contains iodine and required minerals. This composition helps with adequate thyroid function.

By adding it to your diet, it can help in preventing cancer.  It promotes proper mental development and prevents iodine deficiency.

Diet Plan

Which salt is healthier?

Let us look at the benefits of the different salts to understand the answer to this question.

Table Salt:

Table salt contains minerals like iodine and is essential for preventing goiter. It is suitable for expecting mothers and kids.

Rock Salt:

This salt, with a crunchy texture, lends a distinct flavor to the dish. It offers the same amount of sodium as table salt. Rock salt is a powerhouse of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Double Fortified Salt:

Double fortified salt (DFS) is a form of table salt manufactured with added iron and iodine. This salt helps manage iron and iodine deficiencies at bay by offering these minerals via your everyday food. So, it can be helpful for people suffering from anemia by offering additional iron.

Bottom line

Choose your salt as per your requirement. Any salt is harmful when consumed in excess. So practice moderation in your salt intake.

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