5 Yoga Poses To Stay Calm- Relaxation Guide

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5 Yoga Poses To Stay Calm- Relaxation Guide

From daily commutes, jobs, family problems to personal affairs,  it can be difficult sometimes to keep your mind calm. In the hustle of balancing our lives, we forget to give it the self-care it needs. When you are too stressed out, your mind and body fail to function with coordination. Well! We suggest you try these yoga asanas as they can be an excellent way to mindfulness and self-regulation. It will not only improve flexibility and strength but also help relieve stress to calm your mind.

Yoga Poses For Relaxation

#1 Child Pose (Balasana)

Start with the child pose, also known as balasana. This asana is useful for gentle hips, ankles, thighs, or backstretch, relieving back pain and calming your stress hormones.

Practice The Pose

  • Sit in Vajrasana, keeping your spine and head straight.
  • While inhaling, raise the arms above the head, keeping them straight and shoulder-width apart.
  • Exhale while bending the trunk forward from the hips such that your stomach touches your thighs while keeping the arms and head straight.
  • At the end of the movement, the hands and forehead should rest on the floor.
  • Hold for 4 - 12 breaths. Release the pose gently and come back to the seated position.

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#2 Leg Up On The Wall Pose (Inverted Pose)

Also known as Viparita Karani or inverted pose, this asana relaxes and calms your body while relieving tension and stress.

Practice The Pose

  • Lie flat on your back with the legs and feet together in a straight line.
  • Place the hands and arms close to the body with the palms facing down.
  • Raise both legs, keeping them straight at around 90 degrees.
  • You can use the wall as well to practice the asana while keeping your back flat on the floor or mat.
  • Keep your hips against the wall or a little distant and legs touching the wall.
  • Hold the pose for at least of 20 minutes.

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#3 Head-to-Knee Pose (Janusirsasna)

This pose is also called the head-to-knee forward bend. It is an excellent stretch asana that assists in relieving your sore and stiff muscles, or stiff neck, improves your liver and kidney health, stabilizes your rib bones while boosting your digestive health.

Practice The Pose

  • Start with dandasana or staff pose. Stretch out both of your legs in front of you.
  • Bend the left knee and put the left foot sole to the inner thigh of your right leg.
  • Inhale while elevating your arms, breathe out. Bend your torso approaching your lengthened leg.
  • Bend your torso down toward your leg, start to move from your hip beside your lower back.
  • Keep your spine straight, ease your shoulders and open your chest.
  • Put your hands down, upraising your right leg, and supporting your foot or ankle.
  • Maintain the same asana for 5 - 10 breaths.
  • Inhale, ease the posture, and relax.
  • Repeat the same on the other side.

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#4 Bridge Pose (Setubandasana)

Also called setubandasana, this asana not only helps stretch your chest, spine, and neck but also assists in relieving stress.

Practice The Pose

  • Start with lying on the mat or floor.
  • Bend your knees while keeping your feet apart. Keep your ankles and knees parallel to each other.
  • Put your arms beside your torso, palm touching the floor.
  • Breath in, begin lifting your torso and try to touch your chin to your chest without pushing it down. Keep your bottom firm and thighs facing the floor and each other.
  • Breath normally yet mindfully.
  • Hold the pose for at least a minute to two. Breath out, relax and come to the lying position.

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#5 Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

Uttanasana or forward bend pose massages and tones your digestive organs and alleviates constipation and indigestion. It also assists in stimulating and toning your spinal nerves while relaxing your body.

Practice The Pose

  • Stand with the spine erect, feet together, and hands beside the body.
  • While inhaling, raise the arms above the head.
  • Exhale, bend forward from the hips until the fingers or palms of the hands touch the floor.
  • Bring the forehead as close to the knees as is comfortable.
  • Continue the same for 5 breaths, slowly take your hands upwards again, and begin straightening your spine.


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