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Are you a healthy cook?

Are you a healthy cook?

Eating out is considered unhealthy, but did you know cooking at home can be unhealthy too? Here are 4 common mistakes you do while cooking at home.
You snack while you cook-

Do you have a mindless habit of munching on foods from your fridge and cupboard while cooking?

Here is what you should do to avoid adding unnecessary calories to your diet:
• Eat before you start cooking
• Chew sugar free gum to keep your mind occupied
• Keep drinking water handy
• Leave the kitchen and sit in another room while the food is getting ready
• Keep a bowl of salad handy and nosh on them
• Ask your kids to taste the food for you
• Be accountable and write down every time you taste

You end up using too much salt while cooking-
If you tend to add a lot of salt in the food and end up affecting your blood pressure, here is what you should do-
• Measure the salt using measuring spoons
• Use salt substitutes like lime, tamarind, herbs, vinegar while cooking

You use too much oil for cooking-
Using too much oil for cooking will not only add extra calories to your diet, but will also increase your risk to life threatening diseases. You can control the quantity of oil used by-
• Not pouring the oil directly from the can and using measuring spoons instead
• Using non stick utensils for cooking
• Using different cooking methods like microwave cooking, grilling, roasting, braising, steaming etc.

You are always stressed while cooking-
Stress will take a toll on your mental health. To avoid stress you should-
• Be systematic
• Plan in advance
• Set a menu
• Clean as you go to avoid pile up in the sink

Awareness keeps you conscious and healthy. So, now that you are aware, make a conscious effort to avoid these mistakes to keep yourself fit and healthy.



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