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Dahiwada bread

Dahiwada bread

Brown bread with an Indian touch! This is what you can expect out of this lip smacking breakfast recipe. The goodness of yoghurt soaked brown bread and sautéed with browned onions would definitely be an innovative breakfast for your family.

Dahiwada bread
Preparation Time: 5 mins.
Cooking Time: 9 mins.
Serves 2.

• 5 brown bread slices, cut into cubes
• 1/2 cup curds
• 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
• 1/2 tsp chilli powder
• 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
• 1/4 tsp asafoetida
• 3 to 4 curry leaves
• 1/2 tsp grated ginger
• 1 onion, sliced
• 2 tbspoil
• salt to taste

For the garnish
1 tbspchopped coriander (dhania)

1. In a bowl, combine the curds, turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt with 2 tablespoons of water and mix well.
2. Add the cubes of bread and mix well till the bread is coated with the curd mixture.
3. Heat oil in a non-stick pan and add cumin seeds.
4. When they crackle, add asafoetida, curry leaves and ginger and sauté for a few seconds.
5. Add the onion slices and sauté till they are lightly browned.
6. Add the bread mixture and sauté over low heat, stirring occasionally till the breadbrowns lightly.
7. Serve hot, garnished with the coriander.


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