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Long Distance Love Is Long Lasting?

Long Distance Love Is Long Lasting?

Love, a beautiful relationship but to maintain is a very challenging task, a long distance love is more challenging. Long distance love needs more commitment, patience and of course love. You need to pay a lot of attention and have time for those who are waiting to talk to you.

Here are few things that can make things work:

1.Be honest: Honesty is the first mantra for successful long distance relationship. If you try having an affair or try cheating with something else is always not good. It's as good as cheating your own self.

2.Surprise is expected from both sides. Send a love letter, greeting card, cake at home on their birthday, a shirt with your pictures printed etc. Give them your favorite object to keep for life.

3.Communicate everyday irrespective of your busy schedule. You might be busy the whole day with lot of things, but do not forget to give a call once a day and ask about health, routine things and parents etc. Make sure you call back if there is a missed call or a message for you.

4.Call your lover's parents. If parents are aware of your relationship call them once a while to make sure to keep up the relationship.

5.Talk about romance. Romance adds up spice to your life, especially the far distance need some love making. Keep sex in the picture.

6.Do not make a rule that only one of them call always. It doesn't work that way. Give a call once a while. Money is spent like peanuts in any love life anyways; phone call is of course not a big deal.

7.Talk about your future together. Plan for it, try ways to achieve it. Consult your well wishers, parents to make it more successful.

8.Do not hide anything. Hiding will not help you anyway unless it is harmful for your loved ones. Share everything you feel and everything you do. Make your presence felt.

9.Try visiting if possible. If it is a foreign country may be the visiting will be less, but in the same country make sure you visit at least monthly once or quarterly. Utilize your time well by enjoy, go for a walk, talk, discuss etc.

10.Give space. You are not the only person to be spoken the whole day. Give them time to hang out with their friends, co-workers, parents. Wish them "enjoy and take care" and you carry on with your routine.

11.Positive thinking is very much necessary. They hang out with a different gender doesn't mean you are cheated. Both of you strike a balance between your personal and work life, make it a better life always.

Irrespective of the distance love adds nice flavour to your life! Enjoy it!


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