Gen-Z Dating Terms You Probably Don't Know About!

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Gen-Z Dating Terms You Probably Don't Know About!

In today's dating world, understanding the latest trends and terms is super important. Gen-Z dating culture has brought a bunch of new words into the mix, and it can feel like trying to crack a secret code sometimes.

But knowing these terms isn't just about keeping up with cool slang—it's about understanding the ins and outs of modern romance, which is pretty important nowadays.


This term describes the act of keeping someone on the sidelines while you explore other options. It's like having a "bench" of potential partners, but never quite committing to any of them. This behavior can leave the person feeling confused and uncertain about where they stand in the relationship.

When someone shows you just enough interest to keep you intrigued but never enough to truly commit to a relationship, it's known as breadcrumbing. They'll send occasional messages or likes on social media, but when it comes to making plans or having meaningful conversations, they're always elusive.

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As the weather gets colder, some people engage in "cuffing season," where they seek out a temporary relationship just to have someone to cuddle with during the winter months. This can lead to short-lived romances that fizzle out once the weather warms up.


This term refers to the practice of keeping backup romantic options available in case your current relationship doesn't work out. It's like having a "cushion" to soften the blow of a potential breakup, but it can also prevent you from fully committing to your current partner.

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DINK stands for "Dual Income, No Kids," and it describes a couple who both earn an income but have chosen not to have children. This lifestyle can offer financial freedom and flexibility that couples with children may not have.

DTR (Define The Relationship)

This is a crucial conversation where two people discuss the nature of their relationship and decide if they want to be exclusive or not. It's a way to clarify expectations and ensure that both parties are on the same page.


Freckling is a term used to describe a summer fling that's more about enjoying the season than building a long-term relationship. It's a casual and carefree approach to dating that's all about having fun in the sun.


This term refers to the frustrating experience of someone from your past reappearing in your life, much like the movie "Groundhog Day" where the same day keeps repeating. It can be a sign that you need to set boundaries and move on from the past.

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When someone pockets you, they're keeping your relationship a secret from their friends and family. It can make you feel like you're not a priority in their life, and it can be a red flag that they're not serious about the relationship.


Rizz is a playful term for being in a relationship. It's a fun and lighthearted way to talk about your romantic status, and it can be used to express affection and commitment to your partner.

Slow Fade

The slow fade is a subtle way of ending a relationship by gradually reducing communication and contact. It can be a passive-aggressive way of avoiding confrontation, but it can also be hurtful to the person being faded out.

Soft Launch

A soft launch is when a couple starts living together or gets engaged without making a big announcement. It's a way to ease into a new phase of the relationship without feeling pressured to make a public declaration.

Soul Tie

A soul tie is a deep emotional or spiritual connection between two people. It's a bond that transcends physical attraction and can be difficult to break, even after the relationship has ended.


Stonewalling is a behavior where one person shuts down and refuses to communicate or engage in a discussion. It can be a defense mechanism to avoid conflict, but it can also be damaging to the relationship if used regularly.

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Twin Flame

A twin flame is a term used to describe a romantic partner who is believed to be your perfect match on a spiritual level. It's a deep and profound connection that goes beyond physical attraction.

Thirst Trap

A thirst trap is a social media post, often a photo, that's designed to attract attention and compliments. It's a way to show off your best assets and garner likes and comments from admirers.


Understanding these terms can help millennials navigate the ever-evolving landscape of modern dating and relationships, allowing them to communicate more effectively and understand the nuances of romantic interactions in today's world.

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