How to Lose Extra Weight During Menopause?

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How to Lose Extra Weight During Menopause?

Menopause can be a challenging phase in a woman’s life because it’s not just about the diminishing of fertility but it’s more about dealing with the effects of hormonal disbalance during that time. It occurs at an average age around 45-50, which is also a midlife crisis stage. Perimenopause, i.e is the natural transition towards permanent infertility, can even occur earlier in the mid-’30s but that happens only in some women.

Irregular menstrual cycles, mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and sleep deprivation are common issues during menopause due to a decrease in estrogen levels. Many women have trouble managing their weight and complain about sudden fat accumulation around the hips and waist region.

However, adhering to a structured and healthy lifestyle can help you get rid of stubborn pounds. We are here to help.

Strategies That Can Help Women Lose Extra Weight During Menopause

#1 Increasing Physical Activity

Exercising regularly is a great way of burning fat and maintaining overall fitness. Loss of muscle tone as a person ages can reduce the ability of our body to respond quickly, thus slowing down the system and ultimately leading to weight gain. According to a study, physical activities like aerobics can help in losing weight during and post-menopause.  

You can include the following in your daily routine easily-

  • Go for bicycle rides
  • If you have a dog, take them for a walk
  • Use stairs instead of the elevator
  • Walk and talk while on a call
  • If you are a working woman, perform desk exercises often
  • Dancing is the most fun and rejuvenating way of staying fit

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#2 Eating Foods Rich In Nutrients

Diet plays an important role during menopause because what you eat affects your symptoms. Many studies have found a positive influence of mediterranean diet on women. This whole-food diet to promote weight loss should include-

Reducing the sugar intake, caffeine, spicy and processed food adds on to the purpose when followed strictly.

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#3 Getting High-Quality Sleep

One should not ignore the disturbances in sleep patterns as they are as bad as a poor diet. Weight gain can be a side effect of not getting enough sleep. Compromising sleep during menopause can increase the chances of hot flashes and excess sweating.

  • Keep a regular wake-sleep cycle
  • Don’t stuff yourself with heavy meals before bedtime
  • Sleep in a dark and peaceful room

Additionally, you can follow our expert-curated tips for sound sleep.

#4 Relieve Weight Through Therapies

According to the author of Body for Life for Women “If you walk around completely stressed all the time, your cortisol levels will increase, and that will make it easy for you to deposit fat deep inside the belly”. So, try considering alternative ways to cope up with your stress like-

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Spend time with nature

Consult a therapist if you continue to face sleep-related issues despite making changes in your routine. You might be on some medication which may also be a cause so it will be best to ask a doctor regarding the same.

#5 Mindful Eating

Did you know that mindful eating can alleviate the benefits you could get from food? According to research, it helps you absorb vitamins and minerals in a better way! When you eat, appreciate each moment to strengthen the mind-gut connection.

  • Eat slowly
  • Keep your mobile phone away while eating
  • Avoid eating while watching TV

Mindfulness prevents one from binge-eating and has benefited obese people to reduce their excess intake.

#6 Maintain Food Logs

Research shows that people who monitor their food habits and keep a track of their dietary intake along with focusing on physical fitness are likely to maintain adequate weight effectively.

#7 Eat Meals Timely & Control Portions

Not having timely meals can lead to overeating and make you fall into snack traps repeatedly. If you eat food on time, it boosts your metabolism and thus keeps weight under check.

Also, if you are stepping out to eat, ordering food (which you should avoid), make sure you take care of the portion. Different restaurants have different packaging so eat only according to your needs.

  • Order a smaller serving
  • In case of liquid consumption, measure using a cup

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Summarizing It

Menopause weight gain is a common symptom and happens with almost every woman. Try to understand that your body was used to the menstrual mechanism for so many years and now it is adapting how to function without it. There is nothing to worry about and stress over these changes. But if these changes are bothering your body way too much, you can always seek professional help at The Wellness Corner.

Follow a healthy lifestyle and support your body during this transition, it will eventually be okay.

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