Make Your Hair Incredibly Voluminous & So Much Softer with This Scalp Detox

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Make Your Hair Incredibly Voluminous & So Much Softer with This Scalp Detox

Do you want voluminous hair and have tried different products, but nothing seems to work? Well, you may be following the wrong hair care routine altogether.

When treating hair problems, most people focus on the frizz and/or split ends while ignoring the scalp. And this is the reason the hair problems continue to persist.

A healthy scalp is important for better hair volume and good overall hair health because that's where your hair follicles originate. Didn't know that? Well, we got you covered.

This blog talks about why following a good haircare routine is important, how scalp detox can help improve your hair volume, and how you can use it in your favor. So, read in full.

Why is Following a Hair Care Routine Important?

Haircare is a vital component of your daily life. Long, healthy, and lustrous hair cannot be achieved unless they are properly supervised. Regular hair care routines provide a plethora of advantages. Let's have a peek.

Helps Stop Hair Fall

When you utilize natural products and avoid chemically induced items, you are more prone to have less hair fall. Moving forward, it is critical to strengthen your hair from the roots. It is achievable if you take proper care of your hair by washing it regularly.

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Enhances Hair Volume 

The volume of your hair is not simply the strands of hair but also the thickness of a strand of hair. Voluminous hair is usually appealing and stunning. They imply that the hair's roots are strong. And you can achieve that by regularly oiling your hair. Over time, you'll notice stronger and thicker hair strands.

Makes Hair Shine More 

Beautiful shiny hair is desired by all. And you can achieve them easily by opting for the best hair serums and creams. If you apply hair serum after every hair wash, you will most likely achieve that polished and glossy look within days.

Prevents Dandruff

Those white particles on our hair can make you feel insecure. Nonetheless, if you take good care and keep it moist, you can quickly get rid of dandruff.

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How to Perform Scalp Detox?

Select a scalp detox product that suits your hair type. Apply the solution to your scalp. You can rub it with your fingers or a scalp massager. The cleanse takes at least five minutes to work its magic once applied. There is often a tingling feeling as the detox mixture begins to act.

Rinse to eliminate excess oil after 10 minutes, then use an exfoliating shampoo. Massage your scalp firmly as you shampoo to improve blood flow and hair growth. For more efficient hair cleansing, shampoo your hair completely from the roots towards the tips.

To keep your hair thoroughly nourished and hydrated, follow up your scalp detox with just a hair mask treatment. Use the mask, then wrap your hair in a warm towel to let the nutrients soak better. Allow it to sit for at least 5 minutes before rinsing with water. That's all there is to it! It is simple to perform a scalp detox.

How to Find the Right Product as Per Your Skin and Hair Type?

Here's how:

  • For an oily scalp and thick hair: If you have thick hair and an oily scalp, you're probably prone to buildup. A more aggressive exfoliation, such as a scrub, is recommended in that scenario. The stronger the exfoliation, the healthier your follicles.
  • Also, if you are washing your hair less often than usual, you may want to use a deep-cleansing shampoo in addition to your scalp exfoliant.
  • For finer hair and a sensitive scalp: For this kind, use a gentle exfoliant—you may even stick to a cleansing shampoo and leave it a day. If you shampoo your hair frequently, try incorporating a weekly or biweekly hair exfoliator, especially if you use a sulfate-free shampoo. Because sulfate-free shampoos can be too gentle to remove all of the buildups, adding a scalp exfoliator to the mix can assure healthy hair.

How to Cleanse Your Scalp in the Most Effective Way Possible?

Our preferred method of enjoying a purifying, moisturizing scalp detox is from the convenience of your own home. No need for a salon! Once a week, follow this routine to cleanse and moisturize your hair.

Step 1: Begin with Wet Hair

This approach requires that your hair and scalp be properly moist, so drench your hair in the shower.

Step 2: Shampoo Your Hair

You should cleanse your scalp thoroughly before beginning your scalp detox. Wash your hair using a light shampoo that is gentle on your skin and appropriate for your hair type.

Step 3: Use Steam to Detox

Steam may do wonders for cleansing the scalp, and you can reap its advantages right in your own shower!

Step 4: Apply Conditioner

Finish with a moisturizing conditioner to complete your scalp cleanse. This will help to rehydrate your hair and smoothen the strands.

Result of This Detox 

This hair detox will help you achieve bouncy hair along with smoother, voluminous, and stronger strands.

Pro Tip: To seal in moisture, use nutrient-rich conditioners — packed with nutrients and devoid of sulfates and preservatives — oils and hair butter. Trim the ends regularly to keep them healthy.

Other Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Stronger

While it may appear that obtaining the illusion of thick hair is unachievable, it is entirely possible with the appropriate styling techniques, hair care, and lifestyle adjustments.

Check out these five techniques from scalp specialists and trichologists to make your hair look thicker, fuller, and with better hair health overall:

  1. Apply a volumizing or thickening shampoo.
  2. Use hair thickening products.
  3. Increasing hair growth by including hair-nourishing foods in your diet that have been connected to strong, healthy locks. [Get a diet plan by experts]
  4. Scrub your scalp.
  5. Avoid using hot tools as often as possible.


The roots of your hair and the scalp region require more care than anything else if you wish to achieve voluminous hair. And following the aforementioned scalp detox, you can achieve that.

However, always remember to avoid using chemical or heavy treatments that alter the natural nature of your hair. The scalp detox may take some time to heal hair damage, but it's completely normal and comes with no side effects.

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